Earlier, dental diseases, which are accompanied by an inflammatory process, were an indication for tooth extraction. Now dentists use a unique surgical method that allows you to save a tooth.

Apexectomy, or root apex resection, is a procedure performed by dental surgeons. In this process, the dentist removes only the inflamed and damaged area.

This is a rather difficult procedure that requires a certain amount of experience and knowledge. To carry out such an intervention, not only local, but also general anesthesia can be used. There is no other way to access the root of the tooth.

Surgical intervention can be performed in a state of medication sleep. In this way, the patient will not feel anything, and the doctor will be able to perform the necessary manipulations. This is a great way to heal without stress or fear. Basically, it is fear that prevents timely access to the dentist.


The need for resection of the lower or upper jaw is determined by the doctor. There are contraindications to the use of this method:

  • periodontal disease;
  • strong tooth mobility;
  • acute periodontitis;
  • destruction of a diseased tooth;
  • inflammation that affects most of the root.

Root apex resection, the price of which is affordable, is not performed if the patient has severe pathologies of the cardiovascular system. The presence of cysts and granulomas less than 9 mm is removed by other methods.

Before carrying out such a complex treatment, the doctor conducts a thorough and high-quality diagnosis. It is very important to exclude the presence of contraindications to its implementation. The price for tooth resection in Ukraine can be different. It all depends on the complexity of the operation, indications for its implementation. You can find out this information directly at your doctor’s appointment. The operation is complex and takes place in four stages. This treatment cannot be cheap. The cost is also influenced by the type of anesthesia that is used.


How much does a root apex resection cost, you can find out at the Dr. Kozak Dental clinic. It employs qualified surgeons who are experienced in performing such complex operations. You can make an appointment right now. After the examination, the doctor will decide on the possibility of an operation.

The surgeon can suggest different anesthesia options. Medication sleep is good for patients who have severe dental anxiety. In this way, the resection of the anterior or posterior teeth will be stress-free.

The clinic uses modern, high-quality equipment, with the help of which doctors can carry out flawless treatment. Tooth resection, the cost of which is affordable, is no exception.