Braces alone are not enough to form a beautiful smile. After removing the braces, the teeth will tend to become in the opposite position. To prevent this, retainers are used in dentistry. They help to consolidate the result.

Retainers after braces or caps contribute to the delay of the dentition in the desired position. Therefore, doctors necessarily prescribe such constructions. If they are not used, then the treatment with braces will be ineffective.


Part of orthodontic treatment is the retention period. To fix and fix the treatment, the following types of structures are used:

  • non-removable tooth retainers, which are a metal arc that is attached to the dentition from the inside;
  • removable teeth retainer – a special cap or plate made of plastic and metal arches.

Orthodontists often recommend using combined retainers on teeth, which consist of a non-removable device and a mouth guard. The duration of the retention period is determined individually. This is influenced by the age of the patient, malocclusion defects. It is worth noting that non-removable retainers can be installed for life. The average period should be at least twice the period of wearing braces.

The removable retainer on the teeth is worn according to the schedule determined by the doctor. Often this can be done at night or several hours a day. The most important thing in the retention period is to follow the doctor’s recommendations. If a person forgets to wear a plate, detaches the arches himself, then the treatment will be meaningless. All manipulations should be carried out only in the dental chair. It is strictly forbidden to fix the constructions yourself.


You can find out what prices the retainers have at the Dr.Kozak Dental clinic. Orthodontists will select the necessary structures taking into account the individual characteristics of the body. It is important to understand that a retainer after braces is an indispensable part of treatment.

At the reception, the doctor will determine which retainers to put and the price. The clinic employs only experienced and friendly staff who are constantly improving their knowledge. You can make an appointment right now.