Dental implants – the modern procedure for the recovery of the missing tooth or group of teeth, allowing to obtain the desired functional and aesthetic effect without sacrificing healthy teeth.

The implant is a structure prevents reduction of bone tissue (atrophy), and strong enough to support the prosthesis. Today, there are more than 350 types of implants.

According to the application procedure to date, the most commonly used single-stage and two-stage types of implants.

One-step: setting the implant accompanied by an immediate prosthesis.

Two-stage is divided into two stages: first in the gum implanted a special implant replacing tooth root and for 3 – 4 months is completely fused with the bone of the skull basis. After the implant is set crown, pre-made from a cast of the jaw and does not outwardly different from a natural tooth.

Selection procedure of dental implants, as well as the type of implant individulnoy occurs after consultation with a specialist, who will help you to find the most reasonable solution to your problems and answer all your questions.

The main advantages of dental implants:

  • Implant or externally, or functionally no different from natural teeth;
  • the ability to implant placement anywhere in the dentition without affecting neighboring teeth;
  • solving the problems associated with a removable prosthesis.

Implant lifetime if properly cared for more than 30 years.

Contraindications to dental implants:

  • Hepatitis C;
  • HIV;
  • Diabetes;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems;
  • Pathology of the immune system;
  • Serious psychiatric illness;
  • Malignant neoplasms, tumors of any organ;
  • Bleeding disorders;
  • Hypertonicity masticatory muscles;
  • Intolerance and gag reflex;
  • The various oral diseases.

Dentistry (clinical philosophy) – the principle of preservation of your health.


Implant placement (MegaGen Anyone Korea)

8500 UAH

Abutment + crown

6500-7500 UAH

Implant placement (Straumann Switzerland)

25000 UAH

Abutment + crown

8000 – 9000 UAH

Raising the floor of the maxillary sinus (Sinus lifting)

26000 UAH