Composite veneers are ultra-thin nanocomposite plates. Onlays are glued to the surface of the tooth or applied in layers. In this way, you can hide aesthetic defects and irregularities.

With the help of composite veneers, you can restore the natural color of the enamel, restore the shape and size of the tooth. They are often used to correct defects in one or two teeth. Main advantages:

  • low cost;
  • quick result (you can install the veneer in one go);
  • aesthetics (the color of the onlay is matched to the natural shade of the teeth).
  • Composite veneers, in addition to advantages, have disadvantages:
  • low wear resistance;
  • short service life – up to a maximum of 5 years;
  • have the ability to lose color;
  • need polishing every six months;
  • do not fit tightly to the tooth.

Despite the disadvantages, composite veneers are in demand in dentistry. They are placed on one or more teeth. In one visit to the dentist, you can get rid of defects and get a beautiful smile.


Before placing a composite veneer, the orthodontist, if the patient has caries, must remove it. It is also necessary to get rid of plaque, stones, old fillings. Then the enamel is polished. This is necessary for maximum adhesion of the composite material to the tooth.

Direct composite veneer eliminates the need for enamel preparation. The onlay is made directly on the tooth. The dentist grinds the enamel and applies composite material in layers. In this case, each layer is processed with light radiation. The final step is to polish the veneer. The patient can then enjoy a beautiful smile.

Installation of a composite veneer is carried out using an indirect method. It is more expensive than the previous one. The doctor will administer local anesthesia. After medical treatment of the oral cavity, a calcium-containing pad is placed on the bottom of the tooth. Composite veneers are usually placed on 1-2 teeth.


The installation of composite veneers is determined by the doctor individually. It is recommended to put onlays in the presence of such indications:

  • yellow or gray tint of enamel;
  • slight irregularities in the tooth;
  • chips, injuries, cracks;
  • the presence of a gap between the teeth.

Basically, composite veneers are placed on teeth in order to eliminate aesthetic defects. The patient after one visit to the dentist can acquire a beautiful smile. The plates hide all the flaws. Despite the many advantages, composite veneers have certain contraindications:

  • a nerve was previously removed in the tooth;
  • bite anomalies;
  • bruxism;
  • severe defects in enamel;
  • deep cracks.

When choosing composite veneers, installation is impossible if there are contraindications. After examination and consultation, the orthodontist-dentist determines the possibility of installing such overlays.


You can install composite veneers on the front teeth at the Dr. Kozak Dental clinic. Experienced dentists use the latest generation of composite materials. At one time, the patient can get rid of defects that affect the psycho emotional state.

Given this information, do not postpone a visit to a specialist.

Composite veneers have a low cost and will help you quickly acquire a beautiful smile. The main advantages of the clinic:

  • a stress-free visit to the dentist;
  • comfort and safety;
  • use of high quality equipment;
  • approach to each patient.

Veneers can be delivered with composite teeth at an affordable price. To do this, you must first make an appointment with a doctor. The clinic employs only qualified dentists.