MegaGen implants are a real discovery in the dental field. Dental implantation allows you to restore the dentition. To do this, a medical titanium pin is inserted into the bone tissue, on which a crown is installed. MegaGen implant has an advantage, because after the implant is inserted into the bone, the doctor can immediately proceed to prosthetics.

A special coating affects the process of implant engraftment. Thanks to the unique design, it is possible to achieve the stability of the implant in any type of bone tissue. MegaGen implants are different. The manufacturer produces many systems, but the most popular are AnyOne and AnyRidge.

Thanks to such systems, it is possible to do single-storey prosthetics. The procedure takes about half an hour. Korean MegaGen AnyOne implants have high aesthetics and allow you to get a reliable result. It can be installed even when the bed has a small diameter.

MegaGen AnyRidge implants are luxury class systems. It can be installed in cavities of different softness. Implantation is carried out in a one-story, transgival, classical way.


MegaGen implants are an ideal solution for patients who have been diagnosed with insufficient bone tissue. The length of the implants is small, so they can be installed in the most difficult cases. Megagen implants have a fairly high price. This is due to the high quality and reliability of the systems. Korean MegaGen implants have the following advantages:

  • high aesthetics;
  • possibility of installation in any type of bone tissue;
  • there is no need to drill;
  • reasonable price;
  • a wide range of size range;
  • almost complete absence of contraindications.

MegaGen implants have a relatively affordable price compared to other high-quality brands. You can find out more information directly at the dentist’s appointment.


MegaGen implant is often chosen for installation at the Dr.Kozak Dental clinic. Surgeons use only original systems. It is worth noting that Megagen implantation is suitable for almost all patients. This is due to the uniqueness and high quality.

The clinic employs experienced doctors who perform prosthetics with the help of such implants. The patient can be confident in the high quality of the work performed. The MegaGen implant is often recommended to be placed on the front teeth because of the high aesthetics. Also, after the examination, the doctor determines what price Korean implants will have.