Prosthetic dentistry – diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the integrity and function of dental system by prosthetics or setting regulating devices, in other words the correction of aesthetic dentistry patient. Yet it should be noted that the basis of Prosthetic Dentistry of restoration and prosthetics.

Prosthesis in modern dentistry are divided into species such as: microprosthetics, removable and non-removable denture prosthetics, implant prosthetics, partial denture, bridges, dentures, conditionally removable prosthesis.

Microprosthetics (prosthetic teeth Kiev) – a modern and promising method for teeth restoration and is applied with a slight change of teeth. The method consists in the reconstruction of the missing part of a tooth from a ceramic material, reducing the color, shape, transparency, gloss, abrasion resistance. For this purpose, ceramic veneers, ceramic inlays, as well as stump tabs: «in-lay» (tab), «on-lay» (pad), «veneer» (veneer) -nakladka on the front surface of the tooth.

Prosthesis – Tabs

Tab (of porcelain, ceramic) – is, in fact, dental fillings, which is created in the laboratory. Even composite tab of the usual filling material is superior to the seal made in the mouth. If we talk about ceramic tabs, they are generally much greater than any other in their properties. Of all the materials used in dentistry, ceramics closest in its properties (strength, color, light reflectance, etc.) to the tooth enamel. Bonded to the tooth porcelain tab is almost completely recovers its strength. Therefore, where there are large tooth decay, it is preferable not to place dental fillings and porcelain tabs. In many cases, when the destruction of the tooth crown is large, and the tooth at the same time live, the only thing that prevents depulpation and coverage of dental crown – a ceramic inlays.

How are porcelain and ceramic inlays?

First, under anesthesia doctor removes all the cavities and forms a cavity under the tab. Further removed from the mold of the teeth of both jaws. As a dental technician casts molds of plaster model. In the model techniques restores lost tooth part by using ceramics, applying a thin coat of a brush periodically burning in a special oven at a temperature above 700 degrees under vacuum. Then finished and polished carefully tab on the model passed the doctor’s office.

Subsequent patient visit the physician tries tab evaluates its color, shape, contact with neighboring teeth, whereupon it adheres to the tooth with an adhesive (adhesive) and special composite cement. He then removes excess cement and checks does not interfere if nakusyvat tab. At the end of zapolirovyvaetsya spot gluing.

The whole process of prosthetics cues holds a total of 2.5 -3 hours and requires two visits to the doctor. So, if you face a choice – making seals or ceramic inlays, the price – this is the only factor that may make you think. However, it should be remembered that the high cost of the set of tabs justified their benefits. Ceramic inlays are not only stronger, but also an order of magnitude more beautiful than any dental plomby- even the highest quality. In addition, the porcelain plaque tabs does not settle, and they do not irritate the gums.

Prosthetic dentistry – Veneers

Veneers – this is the finest porcelain plates, which replaces the outer layer of the tooth. Generally, veneers set on the front teeth, if they were destroyed or changed its color. Thanks veneers teeth acquire the desired hue and shape. Also, protect the tooth veneers. As a result, the tooth becomes durable and no different from the others. Veneers are made in accordance with the color of teeth, form, taking into account all the wishes of the patient. That will have the desired aesthetic appearance, minimal trauma to the tooth during installation and most importantly – its durability and reliability.

It is worth noting that the veneers can achieve a high cosmetic effect at various surface defects and color of teeth, such as violations of the tooth shape; abrasion; wedge-shaped defect; the gaps between the teeth; chipped tooth; defects in tooth color associated with fluorosis; the effects of trauma or root canal treatment; old fillings that differ in color from the normal tooth.

In addition to the cosmetic effect technology for creating veneers, if necessary, it allows you to make a crown, a small bridge or the pin tooth. How does this happen?

At first orthopedic surgeon accurately determine the color of the patient’s teeth using a special scale. This is very important, because of the properly selected color depends on how well and will certainly look restorations, because the veneers require a professional approach

The next step – This turning of the front surface of the tooth to the desired thickness in accordance with the shape of the future of the veneer. Further, the dental laboratory made veneer itself – for the removal from the treated tooth impressions. At the time, it is made of porcelain veneers, tooth temporarily covered with veneer made of composite material.
The next visit you will have the opportunity to try an analog veneer made of wax. Such a fitting will harmonize all the nuances of the future restoration. A few days later the veneer is ready. Now, the dentist and the patient is important to ensure the correct choice of colors and shapes of the veneer, as after final lock on a special adhesive – adhesive veneer correction is almost impossible

Caring for veneers is fairly simple.. It is necessary to clean them regularly with a toothbrush and dental floss, as well as all the other teeth. This will keep the shiny porcelain veneers for many years.

Thus, in contrast to other methods in cosmetic dental porcelain veneers have many advantages. Veneers can give teeth a healthy and natural look. This is possible thanks to the fact that dental porcelain closely mimics the properties of tooth enamel. On the porcelain veneers will never stain are formed, turbidity, discoloration, as a porcelain smooth and impermeable material. This material is not afraid of no wine, no tobacco, no coffee and tea.

Veneers – the beauty and strength of teeth!

Non-removable prosthetics involves the manufacture and installation of permanent fixed dental prostheses. In prosthetic dentistry for non-removable prosthesis using different types of prostheses.

Metal-ceramic dentures

Cermets are still in great demand and very popular in prosthetics technology. It combines the reliability, durability and excellent aesthetic qualities against the background of relatively low prices and a clear waste production technology
Steel and dental -. Kind of prosthesis, made of metal, on the outer surface by sintering, which is firmly held layer of porcelain. The dental prosthesis can be in the form of a single crown or bridge.

Steel and combines the advantages of high precision-cast metal construction with very high aesthetic effect of the ceramic coating due to the possibility of recreating the shape and color of teeth bridged.

Metal-free ceramics

Ceramics eliminates the metal frame using a solid transparent substrate made of special ceramics (Empress, zircon) in dental prosthetics.

When a tooth is significantly destroyed, and it treated root canals, it is necessary to restore a tooth crown. Previously, the only way to aesthetic dental prosthetics prices were metal-ceramic crowns. Their main drawback is the reflection of ambient light, which is why metal-ceramic crowns look brighter than natural teeth.

The optical properties of metal-free ceramic materials can achieve transparency of natural teeth due to lack of a metal frame, which is especially important in prosthetic crowns front teeth.

Removable prosthetics in Kiev

Removable prosthetics – is used for the partial or complete absence of teeth. Visually dentures do not differ from the set of crowns on the teeth and can be full or partial are the following types:. Clasp denture with Klamer and locks, prosthesis on telescopic crowns.

Prosthesis on implants in Kiev

Prosthetics cues teeth on implants – a separate area of prosthetics that requires special knowledge of the doctor. On the implants can be manufactured single crowns and bridges. In addition, they may serve as additional support even in the presence of the teeth or dentures hold.

Combined prosthesis – prosthetic orthopedic products consisting of elements of pieces of removable and fixed prosthetics.

Please call price prosthetics in Kiev


Non-removable prosthetics

Treatment of dental tissues under the crown

200 UAH

Setting the gingival retraction cord

50 UAH

Impression taking with silicone – (two jaws)

800 UAH

Taking impressions A with silicone – (two jaws)

1000 UAH

Taking an auxiliary print

250 UAH

WAX UP – wax modeling of teeth in the laboratory (one tooth)

200 UAH

Temporary plastic crown (made in laboratory conditions)

400 UAH

Temporary plastic crown (made in laboratory conditions)

250 UAH

Temporary composite crown (made in laboratory)

600 UAH

Removal of the porcelain fused-to-metal crown (one-piece)

300 UAH

Removing a metal stamped crown

200 UAH

Cementation of Crowns Made in Other Institutions

350 UAH

Solid metal root inlay

800 UAH

Ceramic inlay

4500 UAH

Prosthetics with permanent metal-ceramic structures (per unit)

2800 UAH

Prosthetics with ceramic veneers

from 6000 UAH

Prosthetics with metal-free ceramic structures

from 5500 UAH

Prosthetics with metal-ceramic structures on implants

6500-8000 UAH

Reinforcement with fiberglass pin

1000 UAH

Removable prosthetics

Complete removable denture with plastic teeth

4000 UAH

Individual spoon

500 UAH

Temporary removable denture for 1-3 teeth (mediat – butterfly prosthesis)

1000 UAH

Repair of a removable denture made in other institutions

500 UAH

Removable denture relining

400 UAH

Application of a soft pad to the base of a removable denture

400 UAH

Removable partial denture for restoration of 4-5 teeth

2100 UAH

Temporary removable denture on implants

3000 UAH

Removable partial denture for the restoration of 6-10 teeth

2500 UAH

Partial removable denture for the restoration of 11-13 teeth

2600 UAH

Clasp prosthesis

5000 – 8000 UAH

Removable denture on implants

25000 UAH