Early orthodontic treatment avoids the development of many problems in the future. The earlier proper care and treatment begins, the more chances there are to prevent the development of dangerous diseases in the future. This is the key to a healthy and beautiful smile.

It is very important to visit an orthodontist in childhood. The children’s orthodontist determines how well the teeth are positioned, the features of the jaw development. The optimal age for the first visit is 7-8 years. No one is protected from the development of orthodontic problems. The reasons for their occurrence:

  • bad habits that affect the incorrect formation of the bite (incorrect tongue holding);
  • premature loss of baby teeth;
  • injuries, infections.

A pediatric orthodontist will help detect problems at an early stage of occurrence. To do this, it is necessary to make a timely appointment with the child in order to avoid serious consequences in the future. If you start therapy at the age of 10-15 years, it will be highly effective.


The consultation of a pediatric orthodontist in Kiev is conducted by appointment. Different types of treatment can be used in early orthodontics. This is influenced by indications for use and financial opportunities. The retainers are divided into:

  • removable;
  • non-removable.

Each patient has individual problems and features of the location of teeth. A pediatric orthodontist in Kiev professionally assesses the condition of each patient. Take into account the bite, the position of the teeth. After a thorough diagnosis, it is determined which orthodontic device will be the most effective.

Children are installed:

  • bracket systems;
  • colored braces;
  • inconspicuous and lingual braces.

The orthodontist for children in Kiev determines the prices individually. It is important to pay attention to the teeth at an early age, when it is possible to correct the bite. Timely therapy will help to avoid problems in the future.

A pediatric orthodontist will help determine the presence of an incorrect bite. This is not only an aesthetic problem. In this regard, diseases of the oral cavity, respiratory system, and gastrointestinal tract may develop. To determine the presence of an incorrect bite in a child, the following signs will help:

  • it is problematic to close the jaws;
  • some teeth protrude forward or backward;
  • teeth begin to grow second row;
  • significant gaps between the teeth.

Pediatric dentistry orthodontics allows you to solve such defects. To correct the bite, use:

  • orthodontic plates;
  • orthodontic devices;
  • bracket systems.

A pediatric orthodontist can determine what is best to put after a full examination and diagnosis. From an incorrect bite, serious pathologies can begin in the future. In adulthood, it is very difficult to correct them. It is not necessary to postpone a visit to a specialist, especially when the defects are visually noticeable. This negatively affects not only the aesthetics of the dentition, but also the psycho-emotional state of the child.


A professional orthodontist for children in Kiev works at the clinic Dr.Kozak Dental clinic. Parents can make an appointment with their child at a convenient time. An individual approach is applied to each little patient so that he is not afraid. For a complete diagnosis, the doctor can prescribe CT and X-ray.

Children’s orthodontics should begin at an early age. This is necessary for the health and proper growth of permanent teeth. It is worth noting that almost all children have orthodontic problems. Modern orthodontics for children offers various methods of eliminating defects.