Bone augmentation is the restoration or replacement of bone tissue. Only an experienced doctor with a high level of professionalism can carry out such a procedure. In order to perform high-quality and reliable prosthetics, bone tissue must be in sufficient quantity. Only then will there be a good fixation of the implants.

In connection with prosthetics, bone structures begin to collapse after a few months, so it is necessary to carry out measures that will strengthen the bones. Augmentation in dentistry can be simultaneous and preliminary.

Together with implantation, this type of procedure is performed only with insignificant damage to bone tissue. During the operation, the dentist uses an artificial bone substitute. The structure of such a component is destroyed approximately 1.5 years after installation. In some cases, it can be replaced with a bone fragment from its own bone tissue. In the preliminary form of the procedure, bone tissue of animal origin is used.


Bone augmentation for implants is necessary to obtain the following results:

  • proportionality of the jaw bones;
  • stimulation of bone elements;
  • soft tissue growth.

Usually, the procedure is carried out for high-quality prosthetics when the patient has an insufficient amount of bone tissue. The need for augmentation is determined individually, after a full diagnosis.

With a preliminary build-up of the jaw bone, it will take at least six months for the formation of new bone tissue. This time is enough for the new material to be combined with the bones of the jaw.


Tooth bone augmentation can have a different price, this is influenced by the type of procedure that the dentist uses. The main ones include:

  • autotransplantation – involves the expansion of the bone due to its own bone material;
  • sinus-lifting – bone regeneration in order to increase the volume of bone tissue, is carried out only on the upper jaw;
  • tissue regeneration with synthetic powdered raw materials;
  • barrier membranes that anchor bone blocks after transplantation.

Bone grafting in dentistry requires restoration. After the procedure, a person should follow the following recommendations:

  • exclude the use of hard, hard, cold and hot water and beverages;
  • do not visit the bath and sauna;
  • do not perform heavy physical activities.

The gum usually heals within a week. To reduce the risk of displacement of bone material, a person should strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations for 1-2 weeks.


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