We Are a Dental Clinic

Good afternoon, dear visitors, with us you can get a full range of dental services. Our clinic provides treatment, the quality of which meets all the world’s leading technologies and standards. Our doctors are constantly improving their knowledge and skills, at various courses and conferences, both in Ukraine and abroad. Over the past ten years, dental medicine has made a tremendous leap in technology, and we are not lagging behind the latest principles and methods of dental treatment.

In our clinic, all the specialties of doctors possible in dentistry are represented: therapy, surgery, implantology, orthodontics, orthopedics, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, hygiene, aesthetic dentistry, and prevention.

Our principle is to preserve your health and in this we remain the best. In our clinic, the staff creates a special climate for the psychological comfort of the patient.

Dental treatment in Kiev is carried out under anesthesia, painlessly.

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Equipment and Materials

Our clinic uses 100% imported materials and equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.

  • Tips – NSK (Japan);
  • Physiological dispenser – for installing implants: NSK (Japan);
  • Autoclave, FARO (Italy);
  • Vector (durr dental) (Germany) – apparatus for Vector therapy;
  • Air flow sandblaster; “NSK” – for cleaning teeth from plaque;
  • Ultrasonic Scaler NSK (Japan) – for cleaning teeth from stones;
  • Apexlocator, endomotor + endon-tip “X smart, densply” (Germany).


  • Photopolymer SDR (densply), Tetric N (Germany);
  • Bleaching material Arde lumine (Germany);
  • Implants – “Straumann” (Switzerland), “MegaGen” (Korea) “.

Additional Information

In our dental clinic, there is a patient protection program Anti AIDS – Antihepatitis, which is a whole range of measures: the use of special equipment, sterile packaging, consumables and special methods of work.

Also, for each patient, a one-time set of ANTI AIDS is used, consisting of 2 shoe covers, a headrest cover, a chest napkin, a plastic saliva ejector, a napkin for disinfecting the chair and surrounding equipment, and a disposable handkerchief. In this case, both the doctor and the assistant use disposable gloves and masks.

In medical institutions that do not have such protective programs, there is a significant risk of contracting viral infections.

In our clinic, all our patients are reliably protected.