A ceramic crown is one of the types of structures that is widely used in prosthetics. Ceramic is a unique material that does not react with other fabrics.

A ceramic crown may have different prices, the material does not absorb dyes, and the composition does not contain harmful substances. Main advantages:

  • impeccable aesthetics;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • reliability;
  • long service life.

You can find out the cost at the dentist’s appointment.


The cost of ceramic crowns depends on the characteristics. The main ones are:

  • All-ceramic. They are made from porcelain, while they have a democratic cost. Aesthetically attractive, but not very resistant to mechanical stress. They are installed only on the front teeth.
  • All-zirconium. They are characterized by high strength.
  • On a zirconium frame.
  • Combined. Provides high aesthetics.

After examination, the doctor will help to determine which crowns to put. The price of a ceramic crown in Ukraine depends on this.


The structures are installed with the following indications:

  • the tooth is destroyed by more than 50%;
  • the absence of one or more elements;
  • providing aesthetics;
  • with the aim of recovery.

The price of a ceramic crown depends on the type and number of damaged teeth. If you are allergic to metal alloys, such designs will be ideal. Prosthetics using this method is not carried out with a close location of the tooth nerve. Contraindications include acute and chronic periodontitis.


The design fits snugly to the tooth and does not differ from natural ones. A ceramic tooth is placed using dental glue. It will hold the denture firmly. The connection of the structure to the tooth is invisible. Installation of ceramic crowns on the chewing tooth is carried out using dental cement.

Ceramic teeth, the price of which depends on the material used, can last for about 15 years. To do this, the patient must strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations and take care of the ceramic crowns. All-ceramic crowns are predominantly placed on the front teeth. With such prosthetics, it is forbidden to bite solid foods.


The price of ceramic crowns in Ukraine is determined individually by the dentist at the first appointment. Dr. Kozak Dental clinic employs experienced dentists who are ready to solve any dental problems. Do not postpone your visit to the clinic. Timely treatment is the key to a successful outcome.

The clinic uses only high-quality and modern equipment, as well as materials of the latest generation. Each client is treated individually, so the treatment is stress-free. Dental ceramics prices depend on the number of crowns. They are made within 1-2 weeks. After fitting, the dentist installs the structure and the patient can observe the aesthetics of the dentition.