Metal-ceramic crowns serve for several decades. These are reliable constructions that provide the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. Plastic filled metal is budget friendly. Strength and aesthetics are combined in one material. Thanks to the metal frame, the structure is solid. Ceramic coating does not differ from natural teeth in appearance.

Manufacturing process of structures:

  • the cast is used to cast the metal base (for this, a chromium-nickel alloy is used, in rare cases precious materials);
  • a ceramic mass is applied over the metal base (the cutting edge is transparent and does not differ from the natural one);
  • glaze coating is the final stage (with the help of glaze, the surface has a shine and performs protective functions).

The price of cermets per tooth is determined for each patient at the first appointment with the dentist.


Коронка из металлокерамики обладает высокой износостойкостью и прочностью. Конструкция выдерживает большие жевательные нагрузки. Срок службы составляет 10-15 лет. Керамическое покрытие имеет максимальное сходство с натуральной эмалью. Стоматолог предлагает выбор цвета, который будет соответствовать естественному.

The metal-ceramic crown has high wear resistance and durability. The design can withstand heavy chewing loads. The service life is 10-15 years. The ceramic coating has the maximum resemblance to natural enamel. The dentist offers a choice of colors to match the natural color.

If there is a slight chipping of the ceramic, it can be easily restored at the dentist’s office. The essence of the process resembles a filling.

Prices for metal-ceramic crowns are low if the structures are made of chromium-nickel alloy. The disadvantages include the large thickness of the cap. The dentist must substantially grind the tooth before installing such a prosthesis. Strong grinding of the tooth is accompanied by certain restrictions.


Natural enamel is practically transparent. The ceramic coating will lose transparency after being applied to the enamel. The prosthesis looks good, but it’s hard to call it perfect. If the frame is made of inexpensive material, then it will not be hypoallergenic. Oxidation can occur under constant exposure to saliva. Allergic reactions are very rare.


A metal-ceramic crown is installed in the presence of the following indications:

  • severe destruction of the natural crown;
  • performing prosthetics on an implant, stump tab;
  • defects in certain teeth;
  • allergic reactions to plastic products.

The price of metal-ceramic crowns depends on many factors. Despite the large number of advantages, such prosthetics have certain contraindications:

  • tendency to wear off teeth;
  • prosthetics in childhood and adolescence;
  • features of natural crowns (thinning);
  • bite anomalies.

The porcelain-fused-to-metal crown is installed after the doctor’s approval. This type of prosthetics is universal and can be used on any tooth. The price of a metal-ceramic crown depends on the materials from which it is made.

Gold ceramics are used less often. In this case, the crowns are made on the basis of gold and its alloys. The main advantage is that this metal is hypoallergenic and does not oxidize. Gold cermets are much more expensive than conventional alloys.


The price for metal-ceramic teeth in Ukraine depends on the materials used. Experienced dentists select the type of prosthetics that suits the patient. Treatment at Dr. Kozak Dental clinic is carried out efficiently and without stress. The clinic uses only modern equipment and high quality materials.

A metal-ceramic crown on a tooth is installed in two steps. At the first stage, the doctor assesses the condition of the teeth and the degree of their damage, makes an impression for the future crown. When the metal-ceramic crown is ready, the patient comes to the second appointment. After fitting, the doctor installs the crown. It is worth noting that the Dr. Kozak Dental clinic has an affordable price for metal-ceramic teeth.