In modern dentistry, different methods are used for professional teeth cleaning. Airflow cleaning is an innovative method by which gentle and high-quality cleaning of teeth from plaque and various deposits is carried out. The procedure is safe and has practically no contraindications.

Hygienic cleaning is carried out by an apparatus that sprays a mixture of water, air, and an abrasive substance on the teeth. In this way, you can remove various deposits. If you use this technique periodically, it will be an excellent prevention of many diseases. Brushing your teeth with air flow does not cause unpleasant sensations. The procedure is completely painless. In the process, the surface of the teeth is not damaged. After using it, they become lighter. Air flow cleaning is recommended when:

  • preparing for prosthetics;
  • high-quality cleaning of implants, braces;
  • yellowness of the surface due to frequent use of tea, coffee, smoking;
  • dense arrangement of teeth.

As a result of brushing Airflow teeth, the doctor can not just clean implants and braces. This is an excellent prevention of diseases of the oral cavity, including caries, stomatitis, gingivitis and many others.

This method of professional hygiene is delicate. It is used to eliminate plaque, high-quality cleaning when wearing braces. It is easy to treat hard-to-reach places. This technique will not remove tartar, but it will perfectly cope with plaque.


Air flow in dentistry is recommended to be carried out a couple of times every 12 months. For this purpose, you should choose a modern clinic with high-quality and reliable equipment. You can find out the price at the dentist’s appointment. In the clinic Dr.Kozak Dental clinic, such a service is available at an affordable price.