The teeth are units that have not erupted, in dentistry they are called impacted. They are located under the gum. In such cases, there is a need for removal. The doctor must prescribe an x-ray to determine the exact location of the tooth.

Genetic predisposition is one of the main reasons. Genetics are very important in the placement of teeth. Removal of impacted teeth is prescribed for patients of different ages. These can be wisdom teeth and canines. Only a doctor can determine the presence of such teeth. The removal process consists of the following stages:

  • the introduction of anesthesia;
  • making an incision on the gum;
  • exposure of the tooth;
  • extraction of a tooth and its fragments;
  • antiseptic treatment.

At the final stage, the doctor sutures the incision. It is important to take into account that any manipulations can be carried out only if there are no inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.


After the removal of the impacted tooth, the patient must follow the doctor’s recommendations. The main ones are:

  • you can stop the blood with a small amount of gauze;
  • to reduce pain, you can apply cold to the cheek or take pain medication;
  • limit food and drink intake during the hours after manipulation;
  • brushing your teeth carefully.

Difficult extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth may take a longer time. It all depends on how the tooth and its roots are located. It also takes into account how deep the tooth is. Extirpation is a complex and traumatic process that is often accompanied by complications. These include:

  • pain in the gum area where the tooth was removed;
  • swelling;
  • slight increase in body temperature;
  • premature loss of a blood clot from the hole;
  • alveolitis;
  • bleeding.

Complications usually disappear within a few days after the operation. After an operation to remove an impacted tooth, recovery can take several weeks.


Such a complex process should only be entrusted to professionals. In a dental clinic, surgeons often have to do these procedures. In Dr. Kozak Dental clinic, the patient will receive a respectful attitude, an individual approach, and effective treatment.

Removal of an impacted wisdom tooth, the price depends on the complexity of the work and is determined individually. You can make an appointment right now. A timely visit to the dentist will avoid serious consequences.