The sinus-lifting operation involves the build-up of bone tissue in the maxillary sinuses. They are located in the upper jaw on the left and right sides. Basically, in humans, the roots of the teeth are located in the maxillary sinuses. After their removal, there is an insufficient amount of bone tissue to install the implant. The sixth and seventh teeth are located near the maxillary sinuses.

The implant can be installed only if the bone has 10 mm to the maxillary sinus. If this is not enough, then the doctor should raise her bottom. The main indications for sinus lifting surgery:

  • at a distance of 8-10 mm to the sinus, a closed operation is performed;
  • with a bone tissue of 5-8 mm, an open operation is performed;
  • at a distance of less than 5 mm, an open procedure is performed without the installation of implants.

It is worth noting that the sinus-lifting procedure is not suitable for everyone. Contraindications include: diabetes mellitus, recent surgeries, radiation therapy. Another limitation is the inflammation of the maxillary sinuses. To determine the focus of inflammation, you need to contact an ENT specialist.


Before the sinus-lifting procedure, the patient is prescribed an X-ray examination of the jaw. The image determines whether the operation can be performed. The most accurate information can be found by the results of computed tomography. Based on these data, the doctor understands which sinus lifting should be performed.

Dental implantation by open-type sinus lifting begins with local anesthesia. The operation itself is painless. The second stage consists of an incision of the gum in the area of missing teeth. The gum is pushed up to expose the bone tissue.

A special material is placed in the resulting cavity. Over time, it is replaced by a native bone. This type of procedure is quite complicated and can only be carried out by an experienced doctor. Sinus lifting of the jaw has the following advantages:

  • it increases the volume of the bone;
  • during the operation, the surgeon can take into account all anatomical difficulties;
  • a short recovery period.

Sinus-lifting of the upper jaw is performed only in the absence of contraindications. In addition to the open type of operation, a closed one is also used. In this case, an implant and a sinus lift are placed simultaneously. The gum incision is made in the same way as with standard implantation. Initially, the surgeon makes preparations for the installation of the implant. The advantage of this method is minimal injury. The rehabilitation period is light and short-term.


Sinus lifting in dentistry is carried out only by experienced doctors. You can make an appointment right now. The procedure is carried out using sterile, high-quality materials, on modern equipment. Dr.Kozak Dental clinic has a friendly team, the treatment is carried out painlessly.

You can find out the price of sinus lifting at an appointment with a dental surgeon. After a thorough diagnosis, the doctor will determine the possibility of sedation.