Prevention of caries at home consists in observing oral hygiene. Its non-compliance is the main cause of the development of caries. For prevention, it is necessary to regularly remove plaque on the teeth, which is nutritious for pathogenic microorganisms. Useful recommendations:

  • Proper brushing of teeth twice a day. Often people do it completely wrong. Movements should start from the edge of the gum to the crown and last at least 3 minutes.
  • It is necessary to clean not only teeth, tongue, and cheek surfaces.
  • Choose the right toothbrush. In the presence of gum inflammation, periodontal disease, it is necessary to choose soft brushes. Medium hardness will suit most people. Hard ones will help with excessive plaque formation.
  • Use floss regularly.
  • Selection of suitable, high-quality toothpaste and mouthwash.

Among the products that are used to prevent caries in children and adults, you should pay attention to toothpastes containing fluoride and calcium. Pastes with a high content of fluoride are not suitable for children. In the presence of concomitant diseases of the oral cavity, the doctor may prescribe additional preventive measures. Basically, these are professional antibacterial rinses that must be used for chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes.


Prevention of dental caries in children and adults at home may be insufficient. In dentistry, certain procedures are used that will help eliminate dental deposits. In this way, you can restore the enamel. Every person should undergo professional teeth cleaning periodically. Dentists recommend doing it twice a year.

In the presence of orthodontic structures, professional cleaning is recommended to be done more often. If you follow the useful recommendations, it is quite possible to prevent the development of caries.

In dentistry, the prevention of teeth in children is determined individually. The doctor takes into account the condition of the teeth and features. Air Flow cleaning is popular. This technique allows you to clean the enamel surface from plaque with the help of jet treatment. The mixture consists of water and abrasives.

Ultrasonic cleaning is used to remove dental stones. It can be used in the treatment of children and adults. The final stage is polishing. If the enamel is smooth, then it is more resistant to plaque accumulation and, accordingly, the development of pathogenic microorganisms. Prevention of caries should be comprehensive.

Modern preventive methods are used in dentistry. They are aimed at timely restoration of the mineral balance of the hard tissues of the teeth. For this purpose, remineralizing therapy is used. It is usually the final stage of hygiene.

Prevention of caries in children under 3 years of age will help eliminate the risk of developing diseases in adulthood. It is very important to teach children to monitor oral and dental hygiene from an early age.


In Dr.Kozak Dental clinic, adults and children can undergo preventive dental cleaning. To do this, dentists use different techniques and tools that are selected individually. It is possible to prevent caries by fluoridation. The patient can have no doubt about the quality of the procedures performed and the materials used.

If necessary, the dentist will help determine the prevention of caries for children. Cleaning is painless and effective. You can sign up right now at a convenient time.