Dentists in any case do their best to preserve the tooth. If the crown is destroyed or fell out, and the root is preserved in the gum, then it should be removed. Removal of the remnants of the root of the tooth has the following indications:

  • the presence of cracks and damage;
  • inability to install a tab, a pin for prosthetics;
  • inflammation of the surrounding tissues.

If a person has a rotten tooth and severe aching pains, you should immediately consult a doctor. The indications also include: the appearance of acute pain while eating, the discharge of pus, blood. Mechanical trauma is also the reason for the extraction of the roots of the teeth of the upper jaw or lower jaw.


Hemisection is a type of surgical intervention. The operation involves the removal of the roots of the upper tooth or the lower one, with the destruction of the root part in multi-rooted units. The intervention is performed on the first and second molars of the upper and lower jaw. This method can preserve the functionality of the tooth without extraction.

There are two methods of hemisection, which are determined by the doctor, taking into account the clinical picture. It can be compiled on the basis of an X-ray. It is first necessary to carry out training, which consists of the following stages:

  • removal of the neurovascular bundle;
  • sealing of canals that need to be preserved;
  • hygienic cleaning of adjacent teeth.

The first method is patchwork. Only a doctor after diagnosis can determine how much it costs to remove a tooth root. The cavity, which has arisen as a result of the incision, is treated with an antiseptic. A membrane is laid there to exclude the growth of soft tissues. This technique is more traumatic, but allows you to preserve more healthy tissue.

Removal of the roots of the teeth of the lower jaw is carried out by another method. Hemisection through the crown is performed through a root apex resection. This technique is less traumatic, but a large amount of tissue is lost. After anesthesia, the dentist opens the crown with a drill. Removes the affected part. To remove a tooth root, the price can be found out in advance at a consultation with a doctor.

Amputation is a surgical procedure. In this case, the decayed tooth is completely removed. The doctor administers local anesthesia. After difficult removal, it is necessary to suture the wound. After surgery, the patient is given a second X-ray. This is to make sure there are no residues.

Removal of the remainder of the tooth root has a certain recovery period. The wound heals in about 1 to 2 weeks. The doctor’s recommendations, which the patient must strictly adhere to, will help speed up this process. The main ones are:

  • it is forbidden to warm your cheek;
  • to eliminate pain and swelling, ice can be applied for 10 minutes;
  • exclude cold and hot foods and drinks;
  • carefully monitor oral hygiene.

Removing the root of the anterior tooth is accompanied by discomfort. It is necessary to strictly follow the advice of the dentist in order to avoid the development of complications.


In Dr. Kozak Dental clinic, tooth roots are removed using modern methods. The method of surgical intervention is determined by the dentist after diagnosis and receiving an X-ray. Everything can be done without leaving the clinic.

Main advantages:

  • use of modern equipment;
  • high-quality sterility of instruments;
  • comfortable conditions;
  • friendly staff;
  • quality assurance.

The clinic uses modern methods of treatment, without pain and stress for patients. You can find out how much it costs to remove a root of a tooth after consulting a doctor.