The absence of teeth is accompanied by discomfort. This violates aesthetics and has a negative impact on human health. The function of the digestive system depends on the function of the teeth. Straumann implants are used to restore the dentition and a beautiful smile. They are produced in Switzerland. The best clinics choose Straumann because of the high quality.

A lot depends on the doctor who will do the implantation. The manufacturer guarantees high quality and long service life of the products. Such implants can be used to restore any number of teeth. Straumann implants have a higher price than other manufacturers. This is due to durability and high quality.


Straumann implants are of three types, which are intended for certain indications:

  • Standard;
  • Standard Plus;
  • Tapered Effect.

They are unique – special supports affect the growth of bone tissue deep into the implant. It is quite strongly fixed in the tissue and does not increase the sensitivity of the other teeth. The patented surface of Straumann implants is another advantage and belongs to high-end Swiss brands. The implant takes root quickly, this process is painless. After 6 weeks after surgery, it can be actively used. Straumann implants have a high price, you can find it out at a doctor’s appointment.


Straumann implants have the following advantages:

  • production from biocompatible titanium and a unique surface, due to which rapid engraftment occurs, without allergies and inflammation;
  • the possibility of installation after removal of incisors, with bone atrophy, diabetes and hepatitis;
  • sterility and absence of infection risks;
  • aesthetics;
  • easy and easy to install;
  • lifetime warranty.

Straumann implant has a rather higher price than other brands. This is fully justified by the high quality and durability. Dentists often recommend Straumann for installation on the front teeth. This is due to the high aesthetics that is necessary for front teeth. Of course, it is better to put Straumann implants once in a lifetime.


You can buy straumann implants at the Dr.Kozak Dental clinic in Ukraine. Experienced dental surgeons are engaged in the installation of such implants. Swiss dentistry in Kiev is very popular and in demand. This is due to the high quality and durability.

Straumann implants have quite high prices, but this is due to high quality. Only original implants are installed in the clinic. The patient undergoes a preliminary examination and diagnosis with high-quality equipment. Then the doctor will determine what price the Straumann implant will have.