Fluoridation for children is carried out in order to strengthen tooth enamel with the help of special means. The destruction of enamel often leads to pain in the teeth. This technique allows you to get rid of various diseases.

Fluoride coating of teeth is recommended for children with depletion of tooth enamel and as a prevention of caries. Dentists use different types of medical materials for this.


Fluoridation of children’s teeth can be carried out several times a year. If the enamel is demineralized, then its protective functions are reduced. This leads to the development of pathogenic bacteria and hypersensitivity of teeth.

Often weakened enamel occurs in children. This is due to poor nutrition, which contributes to the development of caries. Over time, defects appear on the enamel. If you ignore such manifestations, then gradually the teeth will begin to break down. To prevent such consequences, deep fluoridation should be done for children.


Fluoridation of teeth in a child has different types. only a doctor can determine them. If you regularly consume water saturated with fluoride, it will have a strengthening, protective, preventive effect.

In this way, you can compensate for the deficiency of the substance and do fluoridation of baby teeth. After the procedure, you can not drink and eat for two hours. To penetrate fluorine ions into the enamel, the procedure should be repeated every six months.


In Dr.Kozak Dental clinic, it is possible to fluoridate teeth in young children. The procedure is carried out with high-quality materials. The clinic employs professional dentists who perform fluoridation for patients of different ages.

You can sign up for children’s dental fluoridation right now. This is a painless procedure that should be carried out by adults and children. Dr.Kozak Dental clinic has comfortable conditions and a friendly team.