Ceramic braces have no structural difference from other products. There are two main elements in the system: a plate that is fixed to the surface of the teeth with a special dental glue, and a connecting arc that loads the teeth so that they become in the correct position. In addition, fasteners are presented:

  • Ligature. Fixation is carried out with the help of special rubber bands, they are more noticeable than non-ligature ones.
  • Non-ligature. Fixation is provided by miniature locks that snap on the teeth. They look more aesthetically pleasing than ceramic ligature braces.

The ceramic bracket system has practically no contraindications. Install it after a thorough inspection.


The price of ceramic braces in Kiev is determined individually. For more information, you can contact Dr.Kozak Dental clinic. Experienced doctors will qualitatively perform the installation of a ceramic bracket system. Main advantages:

  • high aesthetics;
  • ceramic braces have a democratic price;
  • hypoallergenic (ceramics do not emit toxic substances during operation);
  • there is no risk of injury;
  • ceramic braces do not freeze in the cold, unlike metal ones.

Ceramic braces also have disadvantages:

  • they are less durable than metal ones;
  • it can easily be damaged or broken if handled incorrectly;
  • they are stained with bright food pigments;
  • they require longer wearing than metal ones.

It is worth noting that ceramic braces have a higher price than other systems. Basically, they are chosen because of the better aesthetics than metal ones. You can put high-quality ceramic braces in the clinic Dr.Kozak Dental clinic in Kiev.