With a smile, you can arrange for a companion or feel self-confidence. An attractive smile helps to cope with various difficulties, but it is no secret, the main helpers in this – straight teeth. To correct bite and to achieve a beautiful smile, you need to see a specialist – orthodontistю

Orthodontics deals with tooth alignment and bite correction. It uses many different techniques: braces, lingual system, removable devices – caps, trainers, plate.

For the production of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment plan is necessary to make a diagnosis, which includes:

  • clinical examination;
  • assessment of the muscles and joints;
  • the removal of impressions and production of plaster diagnostic models;
  • photo static analysis of face and dentition;
  • ortopantomogrramma-an x-ray all teeth;
  • teleroentgenography-side X-ray of the projection head.

As a result of the diagnosis the doctor with you podbiret individual orthodontic system that will be most effective in your case:

1. Removable reference system:

  • Dental trainers – a fundamentally new effective method in orthodontics to correct an abnormal bite;
  • Kappa – Kappa thermoplastic (transparent removable kappa) are used to move the teeth alignment of the dentition;
  • Plates – for intermittent wear, it is recommended to use only the children to complete the formation of the jaw;
  • Elastopozitsionery – active medical devices for use in any age, starting with the milk occlusion.

2. Fixed system:

  • Braces – a special system for the alignment of the dental arch and correction of bite at any age;
  • Lingual System – is used for correction of complex malocclusions.

The most popular are the braces. They are non-removable structure that is fixed to the teeth, and the bracket to each tooth is individually selected to provide accurate transmission orthodontic arch. Correction of bite does not carry the infliction of pain and no effect on tooth enamel. However, wearing braces may take some time and patience, it will always pay off a perfect result – namely, a beautiful smile.

Lingual braces are different from the system that they are not visible to others. Such structures are used for correction of complex malocclusions when other methods can not be used. Quite popular sapphire brackets. This system is developed on the basis of a sapphire stone, and is not visible on the teeth. Of course, such aesthetic braces, invisible, that distinguishes them on the background dugih systems.

According to statistics, about 70% of adults and children have been treated at the orthodontist. For celebrities is especially important to look attractive, so even white teeth are the key to success and beauty. For the leading television programs and shows are ceramic braces, which are almost invisible and do not hesitate to person. It says that the bite correction is possible not only children but also adults.

For those who do not want to show everyone that wears braces, clear aligners are designed, which are created by new technologies. Kappa caps are made of tightly adjacent to each other, which allow you to perform the alignment of the teeth without using braces. Each cap is incorporated by means of computer technology movement, leading to a change in dentition.

Kappa have undoubted advantages, among which are:

  • comfortable wearing;
  • imperceptibly;
  • no problems with hygiene of oral cavity.

As for the non-permanent wear designed orthodontic records. This device is characterized in that the plate may be removed or worn only at certain times.

The plates are able to realize the following functions:

  • obstacle offset teeth;
  • adjusting the width of the sky;
  • changing the shape of the jaw bone.

However, the functionality of the plates are somewhat limited. They allow you to keep your teeth in the right position and do not move as the braces. In this regard, such a system can only be used by children, until complete formation of the jaws.

The frequency of visits to the doctor to activate the apparatus 1-2 times a month. Mandatory at the end of active treatment is the retention period to secure and retain the result. For the period of treatment affects the complexity of orthodontic anomalies, the design of the selected equipment and, in most cases, the interaction with the patients.


Consultation extended (diagnostic impressions and models, photos of the face and teeth)

250 UAH

Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning

700 UAH

Control examination

150 UAH

Control examination with correction of equipment or activation

220 UAH

Work imprint

120 UAH

Two-layer silicone impression

180 UAH

Removable plate camera (BioBlock-1 or 2) with a screw

1700 UAH

Removable plate camera (BioBlock-1 or 2) without screws

1500 UAH

The functional unit (BioBlock – 3, Twin Block)

2000 UAH

Face mask, elastic rods, adapter, face bow

1000 UAH

Vestibular trainer

2500 UAH

The orthodontic trainer, Myobrace, apparatus Hinz

1650 UAH

Positioner elastoelaynera, personal trainer

2500 UAH

Articular bus

1500 UAH

Programmable bus

1000 UAH

Aligners (Clear Aligners) 1st stage

1000 UAH

Aligners (Clear Aligners) 2nd stage

650 UAH

Thermoplastic cap for tooth movement

800 UAH

Repair / correction of the first degree of complexity of the unit when using the unit for up to 4 months

360 UAH

Repair / correction apparatus of the second degree of difficulty (the substitution of one element with relining machine)

720 UAH

Apparatus for rapid expansion of the upper jaw with rings and aligners

2000 UAH

Lip bumper (arch + ring)

1200 UAH

Apparatus with fixation on molars (Bite Pilate, Bi-Helix, TPA-La, lingual arch)

1300 UAH

Palatine arc – TPA

630 UAH

Acrylic occlusal pad

830 UAH

The device for holding the space – Space maintainer

750 UAH

The device for moving the lower jaw forward – Herbest.FD, TF, SUS

2200 UAH

Installation of metal brackets – “mini” company “Ortotechnology” or “3M Gemini” one jaw

5000 UAH

Installation of metal brackets – “mini” company “Ortotechnology” or “3M Gemini” two jaws

10000 UAH

Installing highly aesthetic sapphire bracket – firm system “Pure” one jaw

10000 UAH

Installing highly aesthetic sapphire braces – “Pure” company system on two jaws

20000 UAH

Setting brackets – combined (3-3 ceramic teeth, metal teeth on 4,5ye)

4500 UAH

Setting braces – lingual system (with locks on the molars)

12000 UAH

Setting braces – metal part of the system (up to 8 brackets)

2500 UAH

Placement of separators in the area of the 1st tooth

50 UAH

Ring orthodontic

250 UAH

Cementation ring

100 UAH

Production of the metal lock on the molars

250 UAH

Setting additional attachments

160 UAH

Temporary composite lining

190 UAH

Cast plate in the region 1 tooth

470 UAH

Replacing the arc

400 UAH

Replacing the metal bracket

450 UAH

Replacement ceramic bracket

300 UAH

Statement disclosing / closing spring on the arc

150 UAH

Arcs with loops (T-loop, sliding retractor, australian wire, lingual arch, MEAW)

400 UAH

Microimplant combined, miniplates

1800 UAH

Microimplant simple orthodontic

1500 UAH

Removing braces – system, cleaning the teeth on one jaw

280 UAH

Fixed retainer in 2 teeth

250 UAH

Correction of non-removable retainer

180 UAH

Thermoplastic kappa (retention, tooth movement)

500 UAH

Activator retention

2000 UAH

Auxiliary kappa

550 UAH

Removal of dental plaque by ultrasound on one jaw

200 UAH

Removing dental plaque means “Air Flow” on the same jaw

150 UAH

Repeated removal of dental plaque (up to 6 months on one jaw)

140 UAH

Brushing your teeth with a brush and toothpaste (per jaw)

100 UAH

Dental coverage protivokarioznye sealant (1 tooth)

50 UAH

Individual kappa for remineralization therapy (one jaw)

495 UAH

Manufacturing and installation of a set of individual kappa aligners for aligning

5710 UAH

Installing ceramic bracket – firm system “Pure” one jaw

8000 UAH

Installing ceramic braces – “Pure” company system on two jaws

16000 UAH