The Dental Clinic NewDent can get quality dental treatment without pain and suffering. Our experts quickly and painlessly cope with caries using a new generation of fast-acting anesthetics. Therapeutic dentistry treats canals and restoration of dental hard tissue (dentine, enamel).

In our clinic we use 100% imported materials and equipment from leading manufacturers. Use modern methods and time-tested.

Treatment of caries

Caries – an irreversible process, so the detection of cavities as soon as possible address to the dentist, otherwise further destruction of the tooth will lead to pulpitis, periodontitis, or tooth brush, then you have “force” to turn to the dentist unbearable toothache. The cost of dental treatment will be higher, because the need to handle and seal the channels. You also can not forget that the launched carious process may become the source of many health problems.

Treatment of caries is the formation of cavities and fillings statement.

Tooth filling

Seal restores tooth defect and its function.

When fillings we use only materials of the light Confirmation of leading Western manufacturers Filtek Z250, Filtek Supreme (3M-Espe, USA), Esthet-X, Spectrum (Dentsply, USA), Herculite ( Kerr’s, United States), Charisma (Kulzer, Germany).

Restoration dentistry combines with art work on the reconstruction of aesthetics (shape and tooth color matching estesstvenno).

The most important and difficult part of therapeutic treatment is the treatment of teeth channels.

Treatment of pulpitis

Pulpitis – an inflammation of the dental pulp, which is usually a complication of dental caries. Earlier at a pulpitis teeth had to be removed, the modern dentistry can save the tooth and prevent prosthetics.

Cavities was not detected in time, or the destruction process has been fleeting, and that’s the tooth begins to sharply react to temperature stimuli. This means that we are dealing with a complication of tooth decay when infection occurred neurovascular bundle (pulp) inside the tooth. Most often it is accompanied by pain, although common and asymptomatic chronic pulpitis. pulpitis Treatment consists in killing or removing the pulp, mechanical and medical treatment channels and their fillings. Mechanical canal treatment – formation channel anatomy required for its high-quality sealing. Channel Drug treatment – removal of high-quality pulp residues, to avoid the processes of its decomposition after sealing the channel.

Treatment of periodontitis

Periodontitis – inflammation of periodontal, ie tissues surrounding the tooth. The main symptom is pain when biting. Periodontitis occurs either because of poor sealing of channels, for example, when we were not completely removed the remains of the pulp, and the infection spreads beyond the tooth. Urgent treatment is necessary, because the inflammation can lead to the formation of cysts or trigger another complication – “abscess” inflammation jawbone. For the treatment of teeth and small cysts using special medical paste that seal up the channel with deducing “the apex” of the tooth root. In more advanced cases, the cyst must be removed surgically, sometimes even removing the damaged part of the tooth root (cystectomy with resection of the root apex). Therapeutic treatment of periodontitis is usually conducted in 3 visits. Sometimes certain complexity is unsealing channels, especially if they have been previously are sealed on outdated technology – cement or rezartsin-formalin method. Sometimes a single visit rasplombirovat manage only one or two channels. The cost of dental treatment cues is difficult to determine in advance, because it depends on various factors: the number of channels in the tooth than they are sealed, the presence of cysts and its parameters.


Treatment of caries

Setting the seal of the 1st category (treatment of surface caries)

700 UAH

Setting seals the second category (medium caries treatment)

800 UAH

Setting seals the 3rd category (treatment of deep caries)

900 UAH

Cosmetic restoration of teeth with composite

1000 – 2000 UAH

Closing wedge-shaped defect

700 UAH

Treatment of caries complications (pulpitis, periodontitis)

Unsealing 1st tooth canal

300 UAH

Removing the foreign body from the canal tooth

800 UAH

Removing metal seals

500 UAH

Medical canal treatment

100 UAH

Filling one canal tooth

300 UAH

Cysts treatment (multistage)

from 350 UAH

The temporary filling of root canal (Kalasept, Metapeks)

200 UAH

The temporary filling of root canal (Abscess Remedy)

150 UAH