Milk teeth have the same structure as permanent teeth. There is a nerve inside the pulp. Dairy products have a more fragile and delicate enamel, so caries in children are much more common. The progression of the disease leads to the destruction of the tooth. Children have 20 teeth on one jaw and they grow up to 4-5 years old. It happens differently for each child.

Filling the roots of baby teeth for many may seem useless, because such teeth still fall out. This opinion is erroneous, because at any age teeth need proper care and treatment. Premature removal of baby teeth can have negative consequences. Adjacent teeth may be located in an empty place. This may lead to occlusion in the future.

Waiting for a tooth with a carious lesion to fall out is a big mistake. Subsequently, neighboring teeth will also suffer from caries. In addition, bacteria can remain on the gum and affect the rudiments of permanent teeth. Filling of temporary teeth should be carried out on time, as well as permanent ones.


Baby teeth have roots and root canals. When caries go into a severe stage, you will definitely need to clean and seal the channels of baby teeth. Otherwise, pulpitis will develop. If the child is afraid to go to the dentist, do not worry. At Dr.Kozak Dental clinic, employees will find an approach to every client, even the smallest.

Initially, the doctor conducts a conversation with the child and establishes contact so that he can get used to it. After that, the child does not feel much fear. Otherwise, sedation should be considered. The child is immersed in a drug-induced sleep and he does not feel anything, and in the meantime the doctor can do the necessary work.

Small patients are allowed to breathe oxygen-nitrogen mixture through a special mask. After about 5 minutes, the child plunges into a drug-induced sleep. The filling of the front milk teeth is carried out without the use of local anesthesia.

If the caries appeared in the form of a spot, it can be easily removed. Then the doctor treats the enamel with a remineralizing agent. This is necessary to prevent tooth decay in the future. Severe damage to the crown, the dentist separates the various tissues and seals the resulting cavity.

When caries penetrate into the pulp, it is necessary to seal the channels. Filling baby teeth in children does not make sense only when a permanent tooth is on the way, and the milk tooth is significantly destroyed. Only the dentist, not the parents, should determine whether it is possible to seal baby teeth.

To determine the exact location of a non-erupted tooth, an X-ray is performed. It is often necessary to seal the front milk teeth for aesthetic purposes. Then the child will be able to smile without embarrassment and feel confident.

In case of a carious lesion, the tooth is initially sealed with a photopolymer, and then the seal is selected to match the color of the tooth enamel. Filling of baby teeth must be done in high-quality dentistry.


A filling for a baby tooth price is determined individually. Often parents do not consider it necessary to treat children’s baby teeth. This is due to many factors. The main ones are the fear of the child and the fact that baby teeth still fall out. This opinion is erroneous. Only a dentist can determine the need for treatment of baby teeth and canals.

At Dr.Kodak Dental clinic, doctors find an approach to each client. Filling of baby teeth can have a different price and determine it after examination. The clinic has a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in which the child will feel at ease. The filling on the baby tooth is installed painlessly. It is best to carry out therapy under medical sleep.