The inlay on the teeth is a special prosthesis that matches the size of the destroyed part of the crown. Such an element is installed inside the tooth with adhesive glue. The role of the tab is the same as that of a seal. It is mainly used when it is impossible to put a seal. Advantages of a dental inlay:

  • prolongs the functionality and life of the native tooth;
  • prevents the development of caries;
  • used when the crown is destroyed by a third or more;
  • natural appearance (does not differ from natural enamel);
  • withstands chewing loads, since it is made of high quality and strong materials;
  • service life 20-25 years;
  • color fastness (does not change the shade under the influence of food coloring).

The ceramic inlay on the chewing tooth allows you to restore its functions and extend its service life. This method is used when the tooth root is not damaged. The dentist selects the tabs individually.


Tooth inlays are installed in the presence of such indications:

  • significant carious lesions of the teeth;
  • wedge-shaped defect;
  • dental pathology in childhood;
  • cracks, chips, injuries;
  • replacement of old fillings;
  • dysplasia / hypoplasia.

If the root is damaged, the teeth inlay will not be installed. It is also contraindicated to put on bruxism, inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, caries. Dentists offer a wide range of inlays and inlays to help you find the best fit.

Restoration of teeth with tabs is an excellent solution for replacing fillings. In this way, tooth function and aesthetic appearance can be restored. The inlay is fixed in the upper part of the tooth. They mainly use ceramic inlays on the teeth. Ceramics is a material that is completely identical to tooth enamel.

The appearance of ceramics does not differ from the surface of the tooth. This is the best option for restoring anterior teeth to achieve a beautiful smile. Life time ceramic dental inlay is approximately 10 years old. This type of restoration is affordable and reliable.


The first stage of installing the tabs begins with a consultation with a dentist. After examination, the doctor determines the method of recovery. Stages of restoration of a tooth with a tab:

  • Removal of dentin that is damaged by caries. Creation of a cavity for the onlay.
  • The dentist takes an impression of each jaw and sends it to the laboratory.
  • A plaster model of the jaw is created along the walls. Then the missing tooth fragment is restored on it.
  • The finished patch is sent to the dentist.
  • The doctor tries on the tab, evaluates its position.
  • In the absence of comments, the micro prosthesis is fixed with a special glue.
  • The patient checks the bite sensation.

Restoration of a tooth with a stump tab is carried out in two steps. The first time the patient is examined and the doctor determines which tab can be installed. The second appointment lasts approximately 2 hours. The dentist needs this time to install the tab.


Restoration of a tooth with an insert in the Dr. Kozak Dental clinic is performed with high quality and professionalism. The specialists are constantly trained and carry out high-quality work. The main advantages of the Dr. Kozak Dental clinic:

  • the installation of the crown on the inlay is carried out using high-quality and modern materials;
  • friendly staff and cozy atmosphere;
  • stress-free dental treatment and restoration;
  • modern equipment.

At Dr. Kozak Dental Clinic, the inlay tooth augmentation is performed with high quality and reliability. Don’t put off your visit to the dentist. If the root of the tooth is not damaged, its functions can be easily restored using the tab.