In modern dentistry, any treatment can be done painlessly. A healthy element has an important function:

  • ensuring microcirculation of blood;
  • protection;
  • transportation of minerals;
  • provides blood supply.

Inflammation, trauma is accompanied by acute pain. The need to remove the nerves of the tooth is determined by the doctor after diagnosis.


The need for the procedure is determined individually. The patient must be prescribed an x-ray in order to carry out a full diagnosis. Removal of a tooth nerve is contraindicated in such cases:

  • diseases that are accompanied by an increase in body temperature (viral infections);
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • HIV;
  • epilepsy.

You should not go to the dentist if you have a cold or SARS. In this state, most procedures are contraindications. An exception may be acute conditions that require immediate assistance.


The removal of the nerves in the anterior or chewing teeth is performed under local anesthesia. The procedure consists of the following stages:

  • X-ray. In the picture, the dentist can see the length and features of the canal, the vitality of the nerve.
  • Anesthesia.
  • Isolation of the tooth. The latex film prevents saliva from entering.
  • Removal of a nerve in an anterior or posterior tooth. The dentist with a drill opens access to the pulp. After that, it removes the affected tissue. A medicine can be put into the cavity in case of severe damage, but basically the treatment is carried out in one go.
  • Installation of a temporary seal.
  • X-ray and permanent filling.

It is worth noting that arsenic is not used to remove a tooth nerve. This is an outdated method, modern methods of therapy are now used.


Removal of the nerve of the front tooth or any other can be accompanied by the following complications:

  • soreness at the site of depulpation;
  • development of cysts, flux;
  • a decrease in the amount of enamel minerals, which can lead to cracks and chips;
  • porosity of the enamel and discoloration.

To remove a nerve from a tooth, use sterile, modern equipment, materials and high quality medicines. The nerve in the tooth is sensitive and painful. If it is impossible to endure, and pain medications are short-lived, then the only correct solution in such a situation is to go to the dentist.


In the clinic, the removal of a nerve from the anterior tooth is performed under local anesthesia. Dentists use modern methods of treatment. The patient can have no doubts about the quality and safety of therapy. Removal of the 7 tooth nerve is painless.

Do not endure the pain as it can cause serious complications. With the help of modern methods of treatment, it is possible to quickly and safely remove the nerve in the affected tooth.