Veneers are used to hide teeth defects that do not suit a person. With the help of veneers, you can have a beautiful and snow-white smile. These are the plates that are installed on the outside of the tooth. They function as natural enamel. Veneers on teeth look natural. With their help, you can get the perfect smile. The main advantages of veneers:

  • protective action against acids and sugar;
  • long service life (veneers can last up to 20 years);
  • do not need specific cleaning;
  • the speed of the procedure;
  • natural color.

Tooth veneers have obvious advantages. In addition to aesthetic properties, veneers have a protective function. If a person has healthy enamel, then there is no need to install such plates. In the presence of defects that impair the quality of life, dental veneers are indispensable.


Dentists recommend placing dental veneers to eliminate various defects. When a patient has a slight curvature, it can be corrected with composite veneers. This is a great alternative to braces. To determine how much it costs to put veneers in Ukraine, you need to contact Dr. Kozak Dental clinic. The possibility of installing such plates is determined by the orthodontist.

On the chewing teeth, this is not as noticeable as on the front teeth. This creates psychological discomfort for the person. Darkening can occur after trauma, antibiotic treatment. An excessive amount of fluoride leads to the development of fluorosis. Small, dark spots appear on the enamel. The price of veneers for all teeth depends on the complexity of the problem.


To understand how much veneers cost for all teeth, it is necessary to determine the type of material and the method of manufacture. Veneers can be installed on all teeth or on one. Permanent plates require meticulous work, sometimes jewelry. They are made in special laboratories. Often, veneers cost per tooth depends on the complexity of manufacturing. The enamel is preliminarily ground to the patient and an impression is made. You cannot walk without protection, so a special plate is installed on the tooth, then it is removed.

Composite veneers can last up to 5 years. They are in demand because the price to put veneers on all teeth is the lowest. They contain organic resins and glass or ceramic particles. The advantage is that they can be made immediately in the dentist’s office. You can determine how much veneers cost on your teeth at the initial examination.

Rarely are plates made in the laboratory. Then the price of veneers for all teeth will be more expensive. The linings can last up to 7 years. Ceramic veneers are very popular. They are porcelain and glass-ceramic. There are also zirconium oxide ceramic veneers. The price for ceramic veneers is much higher for 1 tooth than for composite ones.


In Dr. Kozak Dental clinic veneers for front teeth, the price depends on the material used. Qualified dentists use the latest generation materials. Each patient is treated individually. There is no point in tolerating defects that affect the aesthetics of the dentition.

You can determine how much veneers cost per tooth during the initial examination by the dentist. Your doctor will help you choose the right onlays. The clinic uses only modern equipment, which provides high-quality and fast service.