Pulling out a baby tooth in dentistry is called extraction. This is usually carried out several years before the appearance of a permanent tooth. For example, tooth extraction occurs at 5 years old, and a new one appears at 8. The main reason for extraction is the pronounced destruction of the tooth, a crack due to injury, inflammation spreads to the surrounding tissues.

If it is impossible to carry out a full-fledged treatment, there is a danger of infection of the rudiment of a permanent tooth. Then dentists recommend removing a baby tooth. Usually such teeth serve a maximum of 14 years from the moment of eruption. They not only perform chewing functions, but also save space for permanent ones.

Removing baby teeth for children can have serious consequences. Adjacent teeth can shift and occupy the space that should be for a permanent tooth. In the future, this can lead to severe pathologies. The main complications of tooth extraction in children:

  • the absence of chewing teeth impairs the ability to chew food and negatively affects digestion;
  • extraction of incisors can cause diction disorders in a child, the absence of front teeth always causes ridicule among the same-year-olds;
  • adjacent teeth are displaced and due to this, the space for healthy eruption of a permanent tooth is reduced.

Given the possible risks, early removal of baby teeth in children should occur on the recommendation of a doctor.


The child should be periodically examined by a doctor. If one tooth is removed, then the recovery period is not long-term. When removing several teeth, there is a risk of different deformities. In order to prevent complications, the doctor may advise prosthetics.

There are special removable plates with artificial teeth for children. Such plates prevent the displacement of adjacent teeth. The device is made individually for each patient. Before permanent teeth are cut, there may be a need to replace the plate.

If the removal of children’s teeth occurred long before the eruption of permanent teeth, dangerous consequences may occur. This is basically what parents are afraid of. In modern dentistry, all forces and techniques are aimed at preserving temporary teeth. If it is impossible to save the tooth, removal cannot be avoided. The removal of temporary teeth has the following indications:

  • injury, tooth fracture;
  • diagnosis of fistula;
  • detection of abnormal tooth roots on an X-ray;
  • the difficulties of eruption of a permanent tooth.

Removal of the root of a baby tooth occurs for the same reasons. After a visual examination and a thorough diagnosis, the doctor makes a choice about the possibility of treatment or tooth extraction. If the treatment is ineffective, there is a risk of infection, then the only solution will be removal. How much it costs to pull out a baby tooth, you can find out at a doctor’s appointment.


In the clinic Dr.Kozak Dental clinic, you can find out how much it costs to pull out a tooth for a child. Often parents prefer to solve the problem on their own and do not turn to a specialist. Experienced dentists strongly do not recommend doing this (it can lead to damage to the gums, nerve, injury to adjacent teeth).

Removal of baby teeth is possible in a clinic in Kiev. The friendly team will always find an approach to small clients, and the treatment will be of high quality and safe. The price for the removal of a baby tooth is determined individually at a doctor’s appointment.