Dental surgery – a modern complex of measures including such treatments as surgery for teeth preservation, grafting bone preparation and implant dental, orthodontic surgery, as well as a variety of aesthetic surgery in periodontics. One of the main tasks of Operative Dentistry is to save teeth feasible way. Modern equipment, techniques and high quality of the materials used allow to carry out all the procedures efficiently, without causing the patient pain and discomfort to guarantee safe treatment.

By resorting to surgery in cases where the therapeutic dental treatment does not bring the desired results:

  • Damage to one of the tooth roots and, in some cases, its neighboring tissues;
  • Tooth root cyst and tumor-like lesions;
  • Carious process at the point of branching of the root;
  • Periodontitis and periodontal disease.

Many surgical operations are directed not only to the problems of delivering trouble, but also the prevention of inflammatory diseases as well as to eliminate the defects of the maxillofacial area of both congenital and acquired.

Dental surgery – Services:

  • Removal of teeth;
  • Removal of wisdom teeth;
  • Curettage wells tooth;
  • Hole Hemostasis suturing;
  • Operation kistoektomii;
  • An autopsy abscess;
  • Hemisection removing root;
  • Treatment of alveolitis;
  • Excision of the hood;
  • Resection of root apex;
  • Frenuloplastika;
  • Sinus lift.

Surgery in the dental clinic «NewDent», represented by the high level of training of specialists in the field of maxillofacial surgery.


Removal of permanent teeth

450 UAH

Removal of permanent teeth complex

1000 UAH

Removal of permanent teeth atypical

2000 UAH

Curettage tooth wells

200 UAH

Stopping the bleeding hole suturing

500 UAH

Operation cystectomy

from 2500 UAH

Lancing of the abscess + drainage

800 UAH

Hemisection removing root

500 UAH

Treatment of alveolitis

250 UAH

Filling holes osteoplastic preparation of the tooth (1 dose)

1500 UAH

Excision of the hood

300 UAH

Resection of root apex

2000 UAH