During the life of the teeth can change color due to various factors: smoking, coffee, tea, red wine and other coloring products. Also, with age, teeth become darker. But this can be corrected with the help of teeth whitening procedures cues.

Our dental clinic offers you undergo teeth whitening procedure in Kiev:

Bleaching mechanical principle – the teeth are cleaned by means of special nozzles, through which the supplied pressurized cleaning powder mixture with added water and compressed air. This method cleans the plaque bacteria, “deposits” pigments from coffee, tea and cigarettes;

Teeth Whitening sonication. On the enamel is made gentle action, even if it eliminated tartar. In conclusion, the teeth are processed polishing paste, which further pushes the coloring elements. The technology provides an ultrasonic scaler (ultrasonic impact and water). This technology copes with a long and fairly thick dental plaque;

Laser teeth whitening – a safe and effective method of whitening (lightening 8 – 12 tones, Pearl luster appears). The procedure is performed with the use of modern equipment. The laser acts on the teeth very gently, with the addition of bleaching further strengthens them;

Photobleaching. On the teeth smeared with a special solution, which is due to halogen light and emit oxygen reacts with dark spots. This method is good for the teeth are chipped and cracked, bare roots, leaky seals, that is, sensitive teeth. Photobleaching get a very dazzling as porcelain teeth that not all fit. But proper care retains the color of teeth throughout life.

Teeth Whitening Air Flow System – allows you to restore the natural whiteness of teeth, completely safe and painless. whitening effect is a snap – a special therapeutic mixture under high pressure is applied to the teeth by removing plaque and polishing the surface. This method can be used even in the presence of seals.

Currently, there are many methods of teeth whitening, and one of the most popular among them is the home teeth whitening.

Home teeth whitening technology – kits and gels (cap set with whitening gel) applied rate from a week to a month. They have a chemical principle of action, which is based on the ability to react and destroy the various pigments and plaque. Time to prepare mouthguards in our clinic takes a little bit – within one hour.

Our clinic uses drugs to teeth whitening leading world manufacturers. All of these drugs, we select each individual depending on the condition and color of the teeth enamel. In general, we prefer the German manufacturer, the leader in preparations for whitening teeth cues.

Tooth whitening procedure lasts about 30 minutes, while you do not have a feeling of discomfort or pain in the process of teeth whitening.

To avoid staining of enamel and to improve the effect of whitening teeth after the procedure, we recommend that you refrain from 1-2 days:

  • coffee, black tea;
  • red wine;
  • 1 day advisable not to smoke .

The service can be a teeth whitening cues in our clinic New Dent.


Office Teeth Whitening (2 jaws)

2500 UAH

Home teeth whitening (1 syringe)

1000 UAH

Home teeth whitening (cap set with whitening gel 10 pcs.)

3000 UAH

Making individual splints for teeth whitening (2 pcs.)

1000 UAH