Lingual braces are one of the types of orthodontic structures that are installed on the inside of the dentition. Unlike other braces, lingual braces are invisible on the teeth. This method is also called “internal braces”.

It is important to put it to patients who have complexes and are shy of standard designs. Modern designs can only be supplied by a doctor. Braces on the inside of the teeth are installed with the same indications as usual. They give a similar effect. The advantage is that a person does not hesitate to smile, take photos.

Internal braces have an affordable price. The peculiarity of the technique consists in careful oral hygiene. The patient will need a special brush, dental floss, irrigator, dental brush. The gaps between the teeth should be cleaned especially carefully. After each meal, it is necessary to rinse your mouth with special dental rinses.


The lingual bracket system is installed for the purpose of aesthetic alignment of the dentition, correction of bite defects. Aligners also have such invisibility, but they cannot cope with severe defects. Lingual braces have an affordable price.

The need to install lingual braces is determined by the doctor after examination and diagnosis. He will also tell you which bracket system will be more effective. The main stages of installation:

  • orthodontist consultation;
  • professional teeth cleaning;
  • x-ray;
  • installation of the arc, linings and other elements;
  • fixation.

Installation of lingual braces in Ukraine have affordable prices. They are often put to teenagers and children who are complex and do not want to be the object of ridicule. Lingual braces in Kiev can be put in the clinic Dr.Kozak Dental clinic. Experienced orthodontists work here, who will find an approach to each patient. You can determine what prices lingual braces will have at a doctor’s appointment.

The installation is carried out using high-quality materials. The patient is treated in a comfortable environment and without pain. You can make an appointment for a consultation at a convenient time.