Fissures are grooves placed on the surface of the teeth. Over time, the grooves begin to increase. This leads to the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms that cause caries. To prevent this disease, sealing of fissures is prescribed.

The procedure is effective for the prevention of caries, especially in childhood. In this way, you can strengthen the enamel, increase resistance to microorganisms. Fissures can have different shapes and depths. The possibility and safety of the procedure can only be determined by a doctor after a thorough diagnosis.


Sealing of fissures in dentistry is carried out by the following methods:

  • non-invasive – used on baby teeth and with minor furrows, performed without anesthesia;
  • invasive – a specific tool is selected for the use of a hermetic material.

Before performing the procedure, the doctor must diagnose. Sealing of permanent teeth in children:

  • visual examination at the dentist;
  • disinfection (using a special gel);
  • if necessary, the recesses are expanded with the help of a drill;
  • the recesses are filled with liquid sealant and evenly distributed;
  • fixing is carried out with a light polymerization lamp;
  • polishing and grinding.

Sealing fissures can have different prices. If the procedure is performed efficiently, the sealant will be stable for several years. The maximum tooth will be protected for 5 years. If the sealant falls out, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

It is worth noting that there are different sealants that dentists can use. The main types include:

  • colored – with their help, you can control the sealing process, since the treated areas are clearly visible;
  • transparent ones are more aesthetic, but they have a disadvantage, since it is impossible to see their wear, and the advantage is the ability to see a carious lesion;
  • opaque – provide an opportunity to assess the condition of the material and replace it in time.

The price for sealing fissures can be found at a doctor’s appointment.


Fissure sealing is available at Dr.Kozak Dental clinic in Kiev. Anyone can sign up for the procedure right now. Dentists use only high-quality sealants that serve for a long time. Patients will receive high-quality service, friendly staff and a wide range of services.

This procedure must be carried out to preserve the tooth and protect it from destruction. It is safe and can be used not only for adults, but also for children.