Zirconium crown – special constructions made of zirconium dioxide. They are widely used in dentistry. Zirconia crowns are extremely durable. Material characteristics:

  • high strength and stability;
  • safety;
  • suitable for making crowns and dental bridges.

In dentistry, zirconium is a demanded material. It is often preferred by patients despite its high cost.


Zirconia crowns have many advantages:

  • aesthetic, attractive appearance;
  • high strength, stability;
  • the installation does not require significant grinding of the enamel;
  • hypoallergenic material.

Zirconium crowns have different prices in Ukraine. It all depends on the number of crowns and the complexity of the work. The patient can find out the exact information at the appointment with the dentist. Prosthetics are quite expensive, but they are in demand among patients of all ages.


The main indications are tooth decay by caries, trauma, adentia. This is a great option for people who are allergic to metals and alloys. Despite its many advantages, a zirconium crown is not suitable for everyone. It is contraindicated to install it in case of bruxism, bite defects. If the patient has anomalies in the bite, then initially he undergoes orthodontic treatment. After that, you can proceed to prosthetics.


To place a zirconia crown, you need to see an orthodontist. Prosthetics consists of the following stages:

  • the doctor determines the prosthetics plan with the exact cost of services;
  • preparation of a tooth for a crown (performed under local anesthesia);
  • the surface is grinded with a bur and a milling cutter;
  • an impression is taken from the prepared tooth and sent to the laboratory;
  • plastic pads are installed on the grinded teeth;
  • the finished crowns are placed on the prepared teeth.

Based on the fitting results, the doctor can adjust the prosthesis so that the patient is as comfortable as possible. The final stage – zirconium crowns are fixed on the abutment tooth. For this, the dentist uses adhesives. The prosthetics process takes about an hour. It will take 1-2 weeks to make crowns. Zirconia teeth will last a long time, but with proper care.


The price of a zirconium crown is set at a doctor’s appointment. In dentistry, such crowns appeared about 15 years ago and are still in demand. If the patient takes proper care of them and follows the doctor’s recommendations, the crowns can last even longer.

Dr. Kozak Dental clinic employs experienced dentists who will help everyone find a beautiful smile. Anterior zirconium crowns are often used because they have a long service life. After examination, the doctor determines the possibility of installing zirconium on the teeth. This is a great option to make the dentition beautiful and restore the function of damaged teeth.