Removable dentures are dental constructions that help temporarily restore one or more teeth. If a person is faced with the loss of a tooth, then prosthetics may be the only solution to the problem. Violation of the integrity of the dentition negatively affects the quality of human life. This is due not only to aesthetics, but also to health.

A removable prosthesis is necessary to restore chewing functions, the work of the gastrointestinal tract depends on it. In people with dental defects, the pronunciation of speech may be impaired, the person may lisp or lisp. Removable prosthetics, full or partial, allows you to get rid of defects and also prevents gum disease.


Prosthetics with removable dentures consists of the use of silicone, nylon, plastic, ceramic products. The materials look natural and are comfortable to use. It can be installed on the upper or lower jaw. Due to such structures, a person can eat and feel confident, without psycho-emotional discomfort.

The doctor should assess the possibility of placing removable dentures on the teeth after examining the patient. The dentist assesses the condition of the dentition and determines the possibility of full or partial prosthetics. The main indications for installing removable crowns on teeth:

  • loss of teeth;
  • partial or complete loss of a tooth due to trauma or blow;
  • advanced stage of periodontitis.

The price of removable dentures depends on the materials used and the number of teeth lost.


In dentistry, there are such removable dental prostheses:

  • Complete removable dentures. Established in patients who have no dentition at all. They resemble an artificial jaw, which is fixed to the gum with special glue. Easy to use at home, can be removed at night or for hygiene.
  • Partially removable dentures. Such constructions are suitable for patients who have retained several teeth in good condition. Dentures are attached to them using special hooks.
  • Conditionally removable prosthetics. The cost of removable dentures is slightly higher than previous options. They are installed when one or two teeth are lost. This type of prosthesis is a crown, which is attached with a font to the implant. There is no need to take it off every day.

The prices for removable dentures depend on the materials used. Nowadays, soft dentures with a silicone pad are popular. They are mainly used in the absence of several teeth. There are no metal parts in structures of this kind, so they are hypoallergenic.

Plastic model with silicone gasket fits snugly. Among the disadvantages are quick wear and the need to frequently change the product. Such a removable denture has an affordable price.


Removable dentures in Kiev can be installed in this clinic. For the manufacture of removable dentures, the following materials are usually used: acrylic, nylon, innovative composites. Clasp prostheses are also in demand. They contain a metal element in the form of an arc that connects the plastic gum to the crown.

In the clinic, the doctor will help you choose the right removable dentures, the prices of which will be affordable. Treatment is carried out with modern equipment in a comfortable environment. There is no point in postponing a visit to the doctor and experiencing constant discomfort. Removable dental prostheses can have different prices, taking into account the materials used and the type of construction.