The first step to a successful establishment of human contact is a smile and if, due to the poor condition of teeth you have it plain, it can be transformed from a pledge of success in the cause of the failure of your plans. Dental caries, chipped teeth and other defects in the “smile zone” – all this will help to fix the veneers.

Dental Veneers – are thin (0.3-0.5 mm), composite or porcelain plate (a type of mikroprotezov), by which the restored anatomical shape and attractive appearance of the teeth. Veneers correcting defects in shape, position and color of teeth, prevent their destruction by the most gentle intervention and are attached only to the outer, visible side of the affected tooth defects (as opposed to ceramic crowns, covering the whole tooth together with its health sector). The most common veneers use in dental prosthetics.

Veneers are actually the only acceptable solution to the problem of tooth decay and chips outside of the front teeth. Compared with the seal, in this case, the veneers have undeniable advantages. The seal, especially poor quality, in the “zone of smiles” can not look very aesthetically pleasing, and its darkening over time, will only aggravate it. Veneers, in turn, do not fade, can not be erased, do not change color, and they are almost impossible to distinguish from real teeth. In addition, dental tabs (as also called veneers) fully restore the strength of the teeth.

Depending on the manufacturing method and the material of dental veneers, they are divided into two types: therapeutic and orthopedic composite ceramic.

Therapeutic veneers are made just on the patient’s teeth. It uses composite materials, similar to those of which make the seal. Fitting technology as follows: the tooth to grind the desired thickness of about 0.3 to 0.7 mm and then on the surface veneer is formed in layers, the procedure terminates grinding and polishing. Otherwise, this method is called the restorations.

In order to put on the orthopedic teeth veneers require a more complex installation procedure, sometimes it may take a few visits to the dentist-orthopedist. First held teeth preparation for veneers, then they removed mold, in which in the dental laboratory or clinic with the help of special equipment veneers are made of ceramic and polished. Then ready design fixed on the teeth. If the production of construction requires some time, then this period treated teeth are set temporary lining.

Caring quite simply veneers. It is necessary to clean them regularly with a toothbrush and dental floss, as well as all the other teeth. This will keep the shiny porcelain veneers for many years.


Prosthetics with ceramic veneers

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