One of the urgent problems of modern man is periodontitis, because it is a major cause of tooth loss at the age of 35 years. And its prevalence among the adult population in developed countries in Europe and the United States reaches 60-80%.

With the progression of the disease between the tooth and gum produced space – Periodontal pocket, which, going into gradually filled with pathological content. The supporting teeth bone is constantly being destroyed. As a result, the teeth become loose and may be lost.

Just a few years ago, all existing methods of treatment of periodontitis were either ineffective or traumatic. Today we can say with confidence – the device “Vector” opened a new era in the treatment of periodontal diseases.

The device “Vector” (Vector) – a non-invasive periodontal therapy. It’s kind of a miracle of high technology in dentistry. The method allows to work with the affected tissue infection at the micro level. It is effective in any forms of periodontitis, even severe and rapidly progressing, leads 2-3 years previously to the loss of teeth.

Our 5-year-old experience in the use of “Vector” -is the confirmation of uniqueness and success techniques. The results are impressive!

The device “Vector” acts on the cause: remove tartar beneath the gum and toxins quickly and effectively neutralizes bacteria in deep periodontal pockets and cause disease. In other words, it removes inflammation in previously less accessible locations, and creates conditions for the strengthening of the tooth in the gums.

The principle of the device “Vector”

Using ultrasonic vibrations generated zone in which pathogenic bacteria are killed, and the smallest particles of the powder scraping the tooth root surface is polished. Pockets intensively washed with water scraping micro debris from the tartar, which can not be removed by other means such as sparing as it makes the “Vector” unit. The result: stronger gums, decreases or stops tooth mobility, stops the progression of periodontal bone pockets, eliminates bad breath.

Patients are very positive about therapy, without the use of ultrasonic devices and methods that do not use instruments with the effect of vibration, are gentle, shorten the treatment of various types of periodontitis and in many cases eliminate the need for anesthesia. The complete procedure depending on the number of remaining teeth, and neglect case takes from 40 minutes to 2 hours. And all this -. Without damaging the soft tissues

After 2 to 3 days after the session our patients notice a special state of comfort, ease and wellness sensations in the mouth.

Thanks to the unit “Vector” periodontitis treatment is:

  1. Painless;
  2. Fast;
  3. Do not traumatic;
  4. Effective in the early stages of the disease;
  5. It avoids difficult and traumatic surgery.

When using the system “Vector”:

  1. In the initial stages of periodontal disease;
  2. How to maintain a prophylactic agent after periodontal treatment;
  3. Prevention of rejection of implants;
  4. Prevention of gum with large volumes of prosthetics (cermet, locking clasp, etc.).

Remember, if you have: on the toothbrush is blood, feeling that the gums ‘itch’, the teeth are noticeable deposits or plaque, tooth mobility are concerned, bad breath then you need to consult a doctor paradontology

Regular monitoring. reinfection of the pockets as well as modern effective preventive measures can help you all to keep your gums healthy.


Therapy with the “Vector” system

3000 UAH