The sapphire transparent bracket system has high aesthetics, so patients can not worry about appearance. Sapphire braces can be put on any patient. They are made from a special medical sapphire, the substance affects the improvement of the bite and the location of the teeth. In addition, the main advantages should be highlighted:

  • high strength material, smooth surface;
  • transparency;
  • smooth shape, no sharp corners;
  • there is no pressure on the teeth, unlike metal products;
  • the installation of sapphire braces is painless;
  • various dental problems are eliminated;
  • no allergies;
  • transparent braces have an affordable price.

The cost of sapphire braces is determined individually. The presence of a bracket system in the oral cavity significantly complicates tooth brushing, but this should be treated with special care. It is necessary to clean the braces correctly so as not to harm the teeth.

Sapphire braces for teeth are installed in three stages. It is necessary to consult a doctor beforehand. In some cases, it is impossible to put sapphire braces, then the doctor determines alternative options.


The installation of sapphire braces can have a different price and consists of the following actions:

  • high-quality cleaning of the oral cavity, removal of tartar, treatment of caries;
  • in the presence of periodontitis, treatment is initially carried out, only then it is possible to install sapphire braces;
  • production in the laboratory according to individual casts;
  • the installation is carried out with a special glue and lasts about an hour;
  • the doctor determines what the cost of transparent braces will be.

Bracket systems are beautiful and aesthetic. If a person has chosen transparent braces, the price in Kiev can be found at the clinic Dr.Kozak Dental clinic. Such braces are almost invisible on the teeth and are very popular.