Artistic restoration of teeth is a technique that is used in dentistry to restore the functions of teeth. For this, different materials are used. Relevant for chips, cracks in the teeth. Artistic restoration restores a healthy and aesthetic appearance.

The technique can be used for tooth decay. It is also recommended for people who are not satisfied with the natural shape or color of their teeth. Artistic restoration of teeth is important when there are gaps.


In dentistry, artistic reconstruction of teeth is carried out using different methods. Mostly composite materials are used for this. The composite is applied not inwardly, but on the surface of the tooth. Modern dentists use composites of the latest generation for artistic restoration of teeth.

With proper and good care, the restoration lasts up to 7 years or more. Much depends on the degree of tooth damage and compliance with the rules for care. Artistic restoration of anterior teeth is an excellent choice for a healthy, beautiful smile. The technique will be especially relevant for people who have a gap between the upper front teeth. After restoration, the dentition will acquire an aesthetic appearance.


After the procedure, there are some restrictions that the patient must strictly adhere to. This is primarily due to nutrition. Composites tend to change color. This is influenced by the bright pigments in the food composition. In order for the artistic restoration of the anterior tooth to last for a long time, hygiene rules must be observed:

  • brush your teeth daily, morning and evening;
  • rinse your mouth after each meal;
  • use quality hygiene products;
  • use floss and irrigators.

After the procedure, it is important to follow the advice of your doctor.


Aesthetic dental restoration price is determined individually. It all depends on the complexity of the problem and the number of teeth that need restoration. Experienced, qualified dentists work at Dr. Kozak Dental clinic. The procedure is performed using the latest generation of composite materials. Clinic advantages:

  • modern, innovative equipment;
  • a wide range of services;
  • quality service;
  • approach to each client;
  • pleasant and comfortable atmosphere;
  • stress-free treatment.

Artistic restoration of teeth without turning is carried out using lumineers. These are special ultra-thin onlays that are installed on the teeth without turning. Used in the same cases as composite materials. The main difference between Lumineers is that they can only be installed on the front teeth. You can get a beautiful and desired smile at the Dr. Kozak Dental clinic.