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Dentistry, prices for dental services in Kiev, dental care at an affordable price, prices prosthetics, implantation price, an individual approach to each patient

Stomatological services - prices

Treatment of caries

Treatment of dental caries is the formation of the cavity and setting the seal
350 UAH

Surface Treatment of caries

Superficial caries - a disease with lesions of the enamel coating to dental enamel-dentine border. Setting the seal of the 1st category
350 UAH

Middle caries treatment

Caries moderate - the upper layers of dentin affected by caries process. Setting seals 2nd category
450 UAH

Treatment of deep caries

Deep caries - a pathological process that causes the destruction of dental hard tissues. Setting seals the 3rd category
550 UAH

Cosmetic restoration of teeth with composite

The set of measures - the restoration of the destroyed tooth caries, change shape and color, filling defects in the tissues of the tooth, closing gaps between teeth, dental capacity, etc...
from 600 UAH

Closing wedge-shaped defect

Under the wedge defect understand loss of teeth, tooth decay manifested base
400 UAH

Treatment of pulpitis

Treatment of pulpitis - the killing and removal of pulp, mechanical and drug channels processing and filling
150 UAH

Treatment of periodontitis

Periodontitis - inflammation of periodontal, ie tissues surrounding the tooth, the cost depends on various factors
150 UAH

Unsealing 1st tooth canal

Unsealing of root canals (dezobturatsiya) performed when the tooth, with the already previously untreated roots, to be reprocessed
200 UAH

Removing the foreign body from the canal tooth

Entry of a foreign body in the canal of the tooth is connected, as a rule, the procedure of root canal treatment
200 UAH

Removing metal seals

Removal of the seals carried out - for example, if the seal served their time and need to be updated or in connection with more serious causes
100 UAH

Medical canal treatment

Medical canal treatment - the removal of high-quality pulp residues, to avoid the processes of its decomposition after sealing channel
60 UAH

Filling one canal tooth

Sealing restores tooth defect and function combine dental treatment with a re-creation of the shape and color of the tooth
150 UAH

Cysts Treatment (multistage)

Tooth brush - inflammatory cavity in the jaw bone around the tooth root or a root. Most often, tooth cyst is formed on the tooth root
150 UAH

The temporary filling of root canal (Calasept, Metapex)

When apical periodontitis quality treatment can not be carried out without the temporary sealing of the root canal. The best preparation is calcium hydroxide - Calasept, Metapex
from 100 UAH

The temporary filling of root canal (Abscess Remedy)

Abscess Remedy - radiopaque drug has bactericidal and antiseptic effect and is used as a temporary filling for root canal disinfection
150 UAH

Non-removable prosthetics

Treatment of dental tissues under the crown

The preparation (training) of the teeth under artificial crowns mean reduction should hard tissues (enamel and dentin)
50 UAH

Setting the gingival retraction cord

Retraction thread is chosen individually, depending on the size of the gingival sulcus (the width and depth)
30 UAH

Removing the two-layer imprint

In modern dentistry, two-stage methods of obtaining the print are very prevalence in the non-removable prosthetics
150 UAH

Removing single-phase impression

Removing single-phase impression - one of the stages of manufacture of removable plate
180 UAH

Removal of the auxiliary imprint

Getting prints chewing surfaces of the teeth, and the cutting edge to the equator to the opposite jaw
150 UAH

WAX UP - wax modeling of teeth in the laboratory (one tooth)

Wax modeling (Wax-up) helps calculate the final result with maximum precision!
100 UAH

Temporary plastic crown (made in the laboratory)

The simplicity in production and availability, ideal for those patients who wish to hide intermediate steps prosthetics
300 UAH

Temporary crown (the doctor makes)

Production time (or provisory) crowns is a mandatory step for any form of non-removable prosthesis
200 UAH

Temporary crown composite (made in the laboratory)

Composite time koronki - made of composite teeth which seal up the treatment of caries
300 UAH

Removing metal-ceramic crown (cast)

To maintain its crown removal apparatus produces Koch previously ultrasonically by acting on the bit, which leads to cracking of its fixing cement
100 UAH

Removal of metal pressed crowns

Metal stamping crown removed when they are undermining, end of life, the situation changes in the dentition and prosthetic solutions
100 UAH

Cementation crowns made in other establishments

Cementation of the crown on the tooth is the final stage of orthopedic treatment and is carried out by means of special fixing dental cements
150 UAH

Root-molded metal tab

Metal tabs much more reliable composite fillings, and so tabs thus preferred to seals
300 UAH

Ceramic tab

Ceramic inlays are of two types: zirconia or pressed ceramics
2500 UAH

Prosthetics metal-permanent structures (per unit)

Cermets - a frame made of non-precious, semi-precious or precious metal, which is deposited on a special dental ceramics
1200 UAH

Prosthetics porcelain veneers

Veneers - the finest porcelain plates, which replaces the outer layer of the tooth. Generally, veneers set on the front teeth, if they were destroyed or changed its color
2500 UAH

Prosthesis-ceramic designs

Ceramics - robust and transparent foundation of special ceramics (Empress, zircon)
2500 UAH

Prosthetics metal-ceramic constructions on implants

Prosthesis on implants, which can be manufactured single crowns and bridges
3000 UAH

Reinforcing fiberglass pin

Reinforcement pin tooth - restoration of very decayed teeth while maintaining their usefulness
250 UAH

Removable prosthetics

Full dentures with plastic teeth

Removable prosthetics - is used for the partial or complete absence of teeth
2600 UAH

Individual spoon

Variety impression tray which is used to obtain casts of the jaws without teeth, or the loss of the teeth
150 UAH

Temporary denture 1-3 teeth (Immediate - prosthesis "Butterfly")

Immediate dentures ("butterfly") is made mostly from a special gippoallergennoy plastic, fitted on each side of nylon "petals" for mounting on neighboring teeth defect
800 UAH

Repair denture made in other establishments

Breakage of prostheses connected with the nature of the material, a violation of the technology on clinical stages of prosthetic fabrication laboratory violation prosthetic technology, failure by the patient's fault
500 UAH

Relocation denture

Getting adapted to chewing pressure of the prosthesis basis, update it to fit prosthetic lodge, and the restoration of optimal interalveolar height ratio and the central jaw
400 UAH

Application of the soft pads on the basis of the denture

Restores missing submucosal membrane and weakens absorbs chewing pressure on the prosthetic bed tissue
400 UAH

Partial denture to restore teeth 4-5

Partial denture relies usually not only on the gums, but also to keep the teeth
2100 UAH

Partial denture to restore teeth 6-10

Partial denture can be made of plastic or nylon
2500 UAH

Partial denture to restore teeth 11-13

Partial denture patient himself can remove and wear
2600 UAH

Clasp prosthesis

Clasp dentures are made using a metal frame
5000 UAH

Removable dentures on implants

The most modern way to fix dentures
5000 UAH

Temporary dentures on implants

Temporary dentures on implants obespeivaet right conditions for healing and aesthetic of the period of prosthetics
2500 UAH

Implant placement (Straumann Germany)

25000 UAH

The abutment + crown

Dental implants stage - installation of the abutment (supragingival support) and prosthetics on it
5000 - 7000 UAH

Implant placement (SGC Switzerland)

Selection procedure of dental implants, as well as the type of implant occurs after consultation with a specialist individulnoy
15000 UAH

The abutment + crown

3700 - 5000 UAH

Implant placement (MegaGen Koreya)


The abutment + crown

3700 - 5000 UAH

Implant placement (NeoBiotech Koreya)


The abutment + crown

3700 - 5000 UAH

Lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus (sinus lift)

Sinus lifting (lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus) - an operation to restore bone volume
26000 - 30000 UAH

Therapy system "Vector"

The device "Vector" removes inflammation in previously little accessible places, and creates conditions for the strengthening of the tooth in the gums
1500 UAH

Closed curettage (one jaw)

Curettage of periodontal pockets removes the teeth from deposits, removes the abnormal tissue of the periodontal pocket, and their decay products
400 UAH

Closed curettage (per tooth)

Closed curettage of periodontal pockets - is carried out, if depth of pockets no more than 5 mm. The procedure is performed without surgical dissection of gums
80 UAH

Install metal bracket system "mini" company "Ortotechnology" or "3M Gemini" (one jaw)

Bracket system includes several components: braces, rings with locks, orthodontic arch, elastic traction and litagury
5000 UAH

Thermoplastic kappa

Thermoplastic kappa (kappa removable transparent) are used to move the teeth alignment of the dentition
800 UAH

Removable plate camera (BioBlock-1 or 2) without screws

The plate - removable orthodontic device, which are used in dentistry for the treatment of malocclusion
1500 UAH

The orthodontic trainer, Myobrace, phones Hinz

Dental trainers - a fundamentally new effective method in orthodontics to correct an abnormal bite
1650 UAH

Office Teeth Whitening (2 jaws)

Our clinic uses drugs to teeth whitening leading world manufacturers
1750 UAH

Home teeth whitening (1 syringe)

Currently, there are many methods of teeth whitening, and one of the most popular among them is the home teeth whitening
300 UAH

Home teeth whitening (cap set with whitening gel 10 pcs.)

The basis of this method is the use of plastic mouthguards, manufactured individually for each patient using his dentition model
3000 UAH

Making individual splints for teeth whitening (2 pcs.)

The material for its production of gypsum and is a special whitening gel. Time to prepare mouthguards in our clinic takes a little bit - within one hour
600 UAH

Oral Health Education

We are happy to share the secret of a beautiful smile and healthy teeth!
50 UAH

Individual selection of oral hygiene

Selected individually for each patient hygiene, depending on the clinical situation
30 UAH

Removal of dental plaque by using the ultrasonic method (a jaw)

Available at the same time very effective method for the removal of dental plaque without damaging the enamel and gums
300 UAH

Removing dental plaque Air-flow system (one jaw)

Based cleaning includes the use of a cleaning powder based on glycerol and calcium
300 UAH

Dentikyur (complex for oral care)

Dentikyur - a set of preventive and therapeutic measures that can support the oral cavity organs in a healthy and beautiful state
800 UAH

Bio-Care (two jaw)

Brushing your teeth with only natural ingredients, which allows you to rid your teeth of plaque without damaging the enamel surface
500 UAH

Deep fluoridation (the two jaws)

Fluoridation - a process in which tooth enamel is saturated with fluorine, which helps get rid of the initial forms of manifestations of caries
300 UAH

Covering ftorlakom (one tooth)

Special varnish containing fluorine is applied to the tooth surface with a brush. This method is used to treat a small number of teeth
50 UAH

Coverage of permanent teeth protivokarioznye sealant (single tooth)

A procedure in which the chewing surface of the teeth with sealants obrabytyvaetsya special sealant, filling fissures and providing a smoother surface of the tooth, and reducing the risk of caries
40 UAH

Treatment of tooth dentin-sealer Liquid (single tooth)

An effective method of prevention of dental caries and enamel demineralization acids with dentin-sealer Liquid (tifenflyuorid)
50 UAH

Production of individual mouthguards from bruxism (teeth erasing)

Produce them from new biopolymers, do not cause allergies and is very well tolerated in a variety of loads. Typically, transparent caps, not too hard and do not cause discomfort when wearing
600 UAH

Set Decoration (no cost decorating)

New technology teeth decorations, do not damage the tooth enamel. To fix the tooth decorations used are absolutely harmless to the body's special dental materials
300 UAH

Removal of permanent teeth

Operation of tooth extraction alveoli takes place under local anesthesia, or (in rare cases) general anesthesia
300 UAH

Removal of permanent teeth complex

It requires additional dissection of the mucosa and bone using special tools and medical
800 UAH

Removal of permanent teeth atypical

Abnormal tooth extraction is used when the normal removal procedure can not be made, dystopic or Impacted
1000 UAH

Curettage tooth wells

Cleansing alveolty from a blood clot, removing excess particles, inflammatory lesions and treatment of damaged tissue wells antiseptic tooth
200 UAH

Stopping the bleeding hole suturing

Operational stop bleeding hole suturing
150 UAH

Operation cystectomy

Cystectomy tooth - a surgery to remove the cysts of the tooth with the damaged part of the root
800 UAH

Opening the abscess

Abscess - a limited accumulation of pus in the tissues that occurs during inflammation
250 UAH

Hemisection removing root

Zubosohranyayuschaya operation, in which the root is removed with a portion of the adjacent crowns
400 UAH

Treatment of alveolitis

Alveolitis - a sense of pain directly in the tooth hole. Normally, such a pain occurs some time after the operation to remove the tooth
80 UAH

Filling holes osteoplastic preparation of the tooth (1 dose)

In the case of subsequent implantation should be completed well osteoplastic material. This will help to get more predictable results, avoid additional surgery
1500 UAH

Excision of the hood

Removing the hood - is the process of removing the gums, which is located on top of the tooth and it covers
300 UAH

Resection of root apex

Resection of root apex - a surgical method of treatment of chronic periodontitis, in which at the apex formed cyst
800 UAH

Health Lesson

Since the introduction of children's teeth require special care. Pastes for the entire family, not only does not fit the baby, but can cause harm
50 UAH

Psychological adaptation

The perception of a child visit the dentist as necessary preventive procedure, and a children's dentist, as a friend
50 UAH


Anesthesia is used, if the treatment of children's teeth is accompanied by pain reaction
from 25 UAH

The seal of the glass ionomer

Glass ionomer cements - a modern dental materials, combining the properties of silicate and polyacrylic materials
200 UAH

Hygienic cleaning of the teeth (the two jaws)

Tooth brushing should be done several times a year to get rid of the accumulated bacteria
100 UAH

Fissure sealing (per tooth)

The chewing surface of the teeth with sealants obrabytyvaetsya special sealant, filling fissures and providing a smoother surface of the tooth, and reducing the risk of caries
100 UAH

Covering ftorlakom (one tooth)

Fluoride (F) play a crucial role in the prevention of dental diseases in children, the usual receipt of fluoride in drinking water and food enough for caries prevention
50 UAH

Silver plating (one tooth)

One of the most effective methods of prevention and treatment of caries of deciduous teeth is silver teeth
50 UAH

Treatment of complicated caries

Devitaliziruyuschaya bandage

Devitaliziruyuschee effect is enhanced if the drug is applied directly to pulp
50 UAH

Canal treatment by amputation

Nekrotizirovanie arsenous acid pulp, tooth cavity preparation, removal of the coronal pulp, pulp stump drug treatment, the restoration of the anatomic form of tooth filling of
100 UAH

Sealing channels

The fact it is advisable or not filling milk teeth, the doctor is able to judge only. Filling of root canals - a sealing root canal after the removal of these pulp
200 UAH


Diagnosis of dental diseases. There are visual inspection and examination of the mouth and teeth
100 UAH

The single set of ANTI AIDS

One-time set ANTI AIDS consists of 2 shoe covers, cover on the headrest, chest napkins, plastic saliva ejector, wipes for disinfection of surrounding equipment, disposable handkerchief.
35 UAH

Coming soon help with acute pain

One-time set ANTI AIDS, visit the dentist, X-ray image, anesthesia, opening the cavity of the tooth and the filling devitaliziruyuschey mummified paste, temporary filling
350 UAH

Conduction anesthesia

Conduction anesthesia - blocking nerve transmission in that area of the body, where it is planned the operation that appears complete immobilization and anesthesia
100 UAH

Infiltration anesthesia

Infiltration anesthesia - the most common type of anesthesia (freezing). Infiltration anesthesia is injected anesthetic that is injected through the needle
70 UAH

Injection of honey. drug (without the cost of the drug)

The analgesic agent that prevents the transmission of pain impulses in all areas of the central nervous system
50 UAH