Oral hygiene

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Oral hygiene

In the office we have hygienist selected individually for each patient hygiene, and share the secrets of a beautiful smile and healthy teeth!

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Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene and dental cleaning in Kiev

Prevent tooth and gum disease is much easier and cheaper than cure them!
In order to keep their teeth and gums healthy in the first place to learn how to properly care for the oral cavity. Healthy teeth - is not only a beautiful smile, and feel good, but also a pledge nutrition and speech intelligibility. By oral health is largely dependent of your body health in general. Daily prophylaxis, including regular brushing teeth with a toothbrush and dental floss, to prevent the development of various oral diseases. Between regular visits to the dentist each of us should follow simple guidelines, significantly reducing the risk of caries, periodontitis and other oral diseases.
In the office we have hygienist selected individually for each patient hygiene, depending on the clinical situation, as well as share the secret of a beautiful smile and healthy teeth!

In the office of the hygienist dental clinic NewDent:

  1. You hold professionally clean the teeth: the removal of plaque and stone with ultrasound, tooth polishing, followed by enrichment of fluorine teeth;
  2. You will be taught to brush your teeth and take care of the gums;
  3. Make the personal choice of hygiene;
  4. Cover your teeth with a special solution - a sealant to protect them from decay;
  5. To get rid of sensitive teeth enamel;
  6. If you want to whiten your teeth, our experts will make it the most gentle method of tooth whitening;
  7. Spend sessions Vector-therapy for patients suffering from periodontitis.

Also here you can decorate your teeth decorations in different colors and shapes

teeth jewelry

New technology decorations teeth without damaging tooth enamel, owned by German dentists. Today jewelry for the teeth is produced by many firms in France, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, as well as in Russia. Species decorations great variety: white, pink or blue artificial diamonds and sapphires on the thinnest aluminum base, decoration of yellow or white gold in the form of stars, crescents, dolphins, droplets and letters. decorations for teeth size varies from 1 to 4 mm in diameter
In order to fix the tooth decorations used are absolutely harmless to the body's special dental materials -. dentfil fluorine and other filling agents, which are widely used in dentistry for installation polukompozitnyh light-curing fillings.

Oral hygiene — prices

Service name Prices
Oral Health Education50 UAH
Individual selection of oral hygiene30 UAH
Removal of dental plaque by using the ultrasonic method (a jaw)300 UAH
Removing dental plaque Air-flow system (one jaw)300 UAH
Dentikyur (complex for oral care)800 UAH
Bio-Care (two jaw)500 UAH
Deep fluoridation (the two jaws)300 UAH
Covering ftorlakom (one tooth)50 UAH
Coverage of permanent teeth protivokarioznye sealant (single tooth)40 UAH
Treatment of tooth dentin-sealer Liquid (single tooth)50 UAH
Production of individual mouthguards from bruxism (teeth erasing)600 UAH
Set Decoration (no cost decorating)300 UAH