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Frequently asked questions and answers

Do I have to use floss to clean teeth?

Flossing optionally and preferably every day, otherwise accumulations of plaque can cause tooth decay, gum disease. When flossing removes plaque and food particles in those areas of the oral cavity, where the toothbrush does not reach.

What to do in case of a tooth injury?

Types of injuries is a lot, even in the case of a broken tooth there is a question, which part has been broken: the crown part or root. In any case, you have to come to the appointment with the dentists of our clinic, where you will do anything to keep the root and the tooth as a whole. If the damaged part can not be restored, surgical care will be provided.

What is endodontic treatment of teeth? Is it painful?

Endodontic treatment of the teeth must be at a pulpitis - inflammation of the pulp, the soft tissue inside the root canal. Severe pain response to heat or cold, edema, swollen lymph nodes, change the color of the tooth - all characteristic symptoms of pulpitis. Modern dentistry offers effective methods of dental treatment under local anesthesia without causing pain.

How do you know when it is necessary to have a tooth removed, and where else can you treat?

In most cases, using modern techniques and materials Dental strives to preserve the tooth to the max. Surgery to remove the tooth, occurs only in extreme cases:
— Acute periodontitis;
— A broken crown of the tooth;
— Ostomielit jaw
Also, the teeth are removed in case. they incorrectly mud erupted too late and injure the mouth. Remove the milk teeth with chronic pulpitis, periodontitis.

Aching tooth after sealing the channel. What to do?

If the pain is severe and lasts more than a week, it is highly recommended to check with your doctor. It is important to follow the advice and recommendations of your treating doctor and perform all of the procedures recommended by the dentist to take all the medicine. Typically, after a few days of discomfort disappear.

What is the tab?

Yes, indeed, I am often asked what the porcelain tabs - aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics? The tab is used to restore the tooth crown. In fact, porcelain tab - it's filling, but it is made in the dental laboratory from a cast as a prosthesis, and fixed in the cavity in a special cement. Tab - this is really a phenomenon at the junction of two directions - Aesthetic Dentistry and microprosthetics.

When there are wisdom teeth?

Usually wisdom teeth are cut between 16 and 27 years, sometimes - later. teething process can be quite lengthy. Therefore, symptoms of inflammation, if any, will be a long time to bother you.

What should be the average of visits to the dentist?

From the two times a year at least.

Remove the nerve or not in prosthetics?

In some cases it is necessary depulpirovat tooth absolutely indicated:
— Deep caries;
— The slope of the tooth or its movement;
— Root caries;
— Most of the pulp chamber (a large amount of "nerve "; when the tooth grinding a very high risk of damage);
— low clinical crowns (this due to the small area of fixation are frequent rastsementirovki prosthesis and tooth prosthesis depulpirovat further can be fixed using intracanal pins).

From the above conclusion is that there are situations when removing "nerve" is not necessary, but dentists still prefer prosthesis on "dead" teeth. In the process of preparation may occur local overheating of the tooth stump and thermal burn pulp, mechanical irritation through dentinal tubules, its infection. At the final stage, when the finished prosthesis is cemented on the teeth, possibly adverse toxic effects fixing cement. This can lead to inflammation of the pulp and its death. All this is not a "system", but large volumes of prosthetics doctors prefer to avoid such risks, depulpiruya abutments.

Putting the pin or not?

Necessary. The thing is that the "dead" (depulpirovat) teeth lose moisture and become slightly more brittle (normal maintenance of water-salt balance of the tooth through saliva and through the pulp ( "nerve"), when the latter is removed, then due to lack of power comes degidrotatsii tooth). Consequently, the statement of intracanal pin allows you to redistribute part of the load from the tooth chewing on the walls of the pin. It is the prevention of tooth broken off the walls and also improves the fixation of the seal. This is especially true in the badly damaged teeth, when the area of the remaining walls is not sufficient for a reliable attachment of the seal. In this case, it is pin ensures durability of the treatment.

Why align "curves" teeth. It is only for beauty?

No, not only. Dentoalveolar deformations are the cause:
— dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, which can give rise to headaches;
— overload their teeth early loss;
— extension and worsening of deformation up to block certain movements of the lower jaw in the absence of an adequate load on the tooth or group of teeth;
— caries (due to crowding of the teeth is hampered their health and increases the risk of caries disease);
— the development of gingivitis and periodontitis (incorrect position of the teeth leads to deterioration of health and a violation of the microcirculation in the gums);
— increased abrasion of teeth;
— the emergence of problems with zheluochno tract result of inadequate chewing of food;
— the impossibility of prosthetics or significant deterioration in the appearance of the prosthesis.