Children's dentistry

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Children's dentistry

Professional, high-quality treatment and preventive procedures by which your child will be able to permanently preserve dental health

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Children's dentistry

For all parents great happiness when the children appear. And for every parent of a child of the smartest, most beautiful, most talented. And of course, parents dream that their child has grown a successful and healthy.
children's dentistryIt is well known that the health of any child in the future depends on the health and condition of the teeth. For dental health should definitely start to follow from infancy, as soon as the baby was cut first tooth. In our clinic, you will find not only a professional and quality care, but preventive procedures by which your child will be able to permanently preserve the health of teeth. Our doctors are well versed in child psychology and are able to find an individual approach to all children without exception.

Admission to the pediatric dentistry begins with a comfortable psychological atmosphere for the young patient:

- Education skills brushing and advice on the use of certain hygiene;
- Protection of teeth enamel fluorination;
- protection of tooth enamel from microorganisms by silvering;
- Education cleaning teeth and recommendations on the choice of hygiene;
- Sealing of the natural fissures in the enamel of new permanent teeth;
- Power minerals teeth;
- Treatment of caries in children of any complexity

Guide for parents:

Dentists necessarily found in every person's life, and want to believe that you will bring your child not to late treatment of a tooth, as he was worried about the pain, and the treatment will leave a negative impression of a tooth treatment. Visit the dentist should be much earlier, to show the children's teeth doctor, get advice, and your child will be taken of children's dentist, as a friend and no longer be afraid of the dental office. It is desirable that the child perceives the visiting dentist necessary preventive procedure. Child psychologists recommend after visiting the dentist's office, to encourage the child's favorite toy or sweetness.

Keep in mind that even after the first tooth prorezovaniya child, it is recommended to show it to specialists and six years old, when they start to erupt permanent teeth should consult an orthodontist.

Some tips to raise healthy children:

- It is necessary, as often as possible to offer your child solid foods (biscuits, vegetables) to give a load of masticatory muscles, due to which the child will have the right to develop the muscles of the face and teeth;
- Teach your child to finish the meal with a piece of fruit (apple, pear, or any other fruit);
- Enter in the child's diet as much as possible dairy products, vegetables, cereals and meat, honey and nuts;
- Exclude from baby food, carbonated drinks, sausages and starchy desserts, reduce sugar intake sand, the best offer to your child fruits and berries;
- While the child is small, be sure to monitor how he brushes his teeth (in today's market there was such a novelty as a mouthwash with a plaque indicator);
- Begin brush your teeth after eruption of the first tooth baby;
- Promptly contact your dentist as soon as you notice the child hole in the tooth, and best of all, for the prevention, show the child the dentist every six months.

Pediatric dentistry clinic services NewDent

  1. Lesson hygiene;
  2. Psychological adaptation;
  3. Anesthesia;
  4. The seal of the glass ionomer;
  5. Hygienic cleaning teeth for children;
  6. Sealing of fissures;
  7. Covering ftorlakom (Fluoridation of teeth);
  8. Silvering;
  9. Children's varying degrees of caries treatment (devitaliziruyuschaya bandage treated by amputation, canal filling channels).
Prevention of tooth decay in children

Профилактика кариеса у детей

Prevention of dental caries in children - a procedure aimed at the prevention of tooth decay and maintaining oral health of the child. Doctors NewDent clinic is recommended by professional cleaning of children's teeth is not less than once in 3 months. In addition, all the young patients in our clinic and their parents have the opportunity to go through the lessons of oral hygiene and to learn how to properly clean your teeth.

Baby seals in our clinic consist only of glass ionomer materials that are gippoallergennymi and completely safe for children, but because of the content of fluoride, they strengthen the enamel.

The use of anesthetic for the treatment of children

We try to avoid the use of any anesthetic for the treatment of children. And in cases where anesthesia is needed before it is used the child must pass all the necessary tests to make sure that the use of anesthesia safely.

Important! Health oral cavity of the child depends largely on the health of his parents' teeth. Studies have shown that tooth decay can be passed from parent to child through a kiss, children's dishes, etc.

Children's dentistry — prices

Service name Prices
Health lesson50 UAH
Psychological adaptation50 UAH
Anesthesia25 - 40 UAH
The seal of the glass ionomer200 - 350 UAH
Hygienic cleaning of the teeth (the two jaws)100 UAH
Fissure sealing (per tooth)100 UAH
Covering ftorlakom (one tooth)50 UAH
Silver plating (one tooth)50 UAH
Treatment of complicated caries
Devitaliziruyuschaya bandage50 UAH
Canal treatment by amputation100 UAH
Sealing channels200 UAH