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Dental treatment

Dental treatment



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Dental implants



Children's dentistry

Children's dentistry

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Teeth whitening



Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene

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The cost of dental services

Treatment of caries

Treatment of dental caries is the formation of the cavity and setting the seal
from 350 UAH

Tooth filling

Sealing restores tooth defect and function combine dental treatment with a re-creation of the shape and color of the tooth
from 150 UAH

Treatment of pulpitis

Treatment of pulpitis - the killing and removal of pulp, mechanical and drug channels processing and filling
from 150 UAH

Treatment of periodontitis

Periodontitis - inflammation of periodontal, ie tissues surrounding the tooth, the cost depends on various factors
from 150 UAH

Prosthetics porcelain veneers

Veneers - this is the finest porcelain plates, which replaces the outer layer of the tooth
from 2500 UAH

Metal-ceramic dentures

Cermets in dentistry - form denture made from metal and porcelain layer
from 3000 UAH

Prosthetics metal-free ceramics

Ceramics - robust and transparent foundation of special ceramics (Empress, zircon)
from 2500 UAH

Removable prosthetics

Clasp prosthesis on locks, prosthesis on telescopic crowns, dentures with plastic teeth
from 2500 UAH

Implant placement (U-Impl Switzerland)

Selection procedure of dental implants, as well as the type of implant occurs after consultation with a specialist individulnoy
13000 UAH

The abutment + crown

Dental implants Stage - installation of the abutment (supragingival support) and prosthetics on it
3600 UAH

Sinus lift

Sinus lifting (lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus) - an operation to restore bone volume
18000 UAH

Therapy system "Vector"

The device "Vector" acts on the cause: removes inflammation in less accessible locations, and creates conditions for the strengthening of the tooth in the gums
1500 UAH

Closed curettage (per tooth)

Closed curettage of periodontal pockets is performed without surgical dissection of the gums, if the depth of the pockets of less than 5 mm
80 UAH

Open curettage of periodontal pockets

Open curettage of periodontal pockets involves a surgical incision gums, if the depth of the pockets of more than 5 mm
200 UAH

Removal of dental deposits by ultrasound

The technology provides an ultrasonic scaler (ultrasonic impact and water)
from 300 UAH

Removing dental plaque Air-flow system

Air-Flow method cleans the teeth with the help of directional flow of water and spray jets. This spray eliminates dark patina
from 300 UAH

Office Teeth Whitening (2 jaws)

Tooth whitening procedure lasts about 30 minutes, while you do not have a feeling of discomfort or pain
1500 UAH

Home teeth whitening (cap set of 10pcs.)

The basis of this method is the use of plastic mouthguards, manufactured individually for each patient
3000 UAH

Anesthesia (local)

Anesthesia is used, if the treatment of children's teeth is accompanied by pain reaction
from 25 UAH

The seal of the glass ionomer

Glass ionomer cements - a modern dental materials, combining the properties of silicate and polyacrylic materials
from 200 UAH

Sealing channels

Filling of root canals - a sealing root canal after the removal of these pulp
200 UAH

Fissure sealing (per tooth)

Dental procedure in which the chewing surface of the teeth with sealants obrabytyvaetsya special sealant
100 UAH

Bio-Care (two jaw)

Bio-hygiene - brushing teeth with natural components, which allows deliver the teeth from plaque without damaging the enamel surface
500 UAH

Deep fluoridation (the two jaws)

Fluoridation - a process in which tooth enamel is saturated with fluorine, which helps get rid of the initial forms of manifestations of caries
300 UAH

Dentikyur (complex for oral care)

Routine inspection, removal of plaque, interdental cleaning surfaces, polished surfaces of the teeth, remineralizing therapy, healing and strengthening the gums and compress others.
800 UAH

Oral Health Education

We are happy to share the secret of a beautiful smile and healthy teeth!
50 UAH

Installation of metal braces

Bracket system includes several components: braces, rings with locks, orthodontic arch, elastic traction and litagury
5000 UAH

Thermoplastic kappa

Thermoplastic kappa (kappa removable transparent) are used to move the teeth alignment of the dentition
800 UAH

Removable plate camera (without screws)

The plate - removable orthodontic device, which are used in dentistry for the treatment of malocclusion
1500 UAH

Orthodontic trainer

Dental trainers - a fundamentally new effective method in orthodontics to correct an abnormal bite
1650 UAH

The single set of ANTI AIDS

One-time set ANTI AIDS consists of 2 shoe covers, cover on the headrest, chest napkins, plastic saliva ejector, wipes for disinfection of surrounding equipment, disposable handkerchief
35 UAH


In dentistry, the following types of anesthesia: application, infiltration, conduction, intraligamentarnaya, stem and general anesthesia
from 50 UAH

Coming soon help with acute pain

One-time set ANTI AIDS, visit the dentist, X-ray image, anesthesia, opening the cavity of the tooth and the filling devitaliziruyuschey mummified paste, temporary filling
350 UAH

Photobleaching teeth - clinic NewDent

There are many clinical systems lighten teeth, united by a common technology called photobleaching.

Highlights of teeth whitening:

  • In fototbelivanii teeth using a gel that is applied to the tooth enamel and is activated by light Photolamps.
  • Whitening session lasts about an hour, during which you can change from 3 to 5 teeth shades.
  • After the procedure, the whitening effect will increase over the next week.

Dental implants - the way to a dazzling smile!

Modern and optimal prosthetic solution using intraosseous dental implants.

Advantages of implantation:

  • The durability and strength of dental implants (their lifespan is practically unlimited).
  • Care implants is the same as for healthy teeth and food intake have any discomfort.
  • Dental implants - it's beautiful and comfortable. They look like natural teeth, not distinguished by anything, even the sensations.

Prevention of caries - tooth decay in children

Prevention of dental caries in preschool children - an actual problem of modern pediatric dentistry.

The set of measures for the prevention of caries in children:

  • Consultation with a pediatrician, general maintenance of rational mode of life.
  • Normalization of food, careful observance of the consumption of carbohydrate foods.
  • Individual oral hygiene, and other components of the dental prophylaxis.
Kozak Irina Evgenievna

Doctor - dentist - surgeon (implantologist). Member of the Association of Implantologists Ukraine. She graduated from the Dental Faculty of Kyiv Medical University of UAFM. After graduation passed specialization at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at the Academy of Postgraduate Education im. Shupyka

Shcherbina Tatiana Nikolaevna

Medical stomatolog- orthodontist. Member of the Association of Implantologists Ukraine.
She graduated from the Dental Faculty of Kyiv Medical University of UAFM. After graduation passed specialization at the Department of Orthodontics at the Academy of Postgraduate Education im. Shupika

Sidor Irina Yuryevna

General dentist.
She graduated from the Dental Faculty of the Kiev Medical Institute. Academician A. A. Bogomolets. He completed an internship at the Kiev Medical Institute. Academician A. A. Bogomolets.